April 21, 2018

LIFE IN WILLISTON: October celebrations

By Karen Wyman

Did you know that the month of October holds the most commemorative titles? Most of us are probably familiar with the major ones: National Breast Cancer Awareness, National Bullying Prevention, National Adopt a Shelter Dog and my personal favorite, National Pharmacists Month. I am willing to bet that the majority of people are not aware of some of the other October designations I came across, such as: National Pizza Month, National Cookie Month and, now my new personal favorite, National Sarcastic Month.

I feel that Sarcastic Month is especially appropriate since October is also the month of my wedding anniversary.

I know, I know: marriage is built on mutual respect, love, honor … blah, blah, blah.  But isn’t laughter equally important? To me, certain aspects of sarcasm are witty and humorous. I know that the general definition of sarcasm is mocking and acerbic, but when it’s presented correctly, instead of coming off as mean, I think it is hysterical! Think Patricia Heaton’s character, Debra, in “Everybody Loves Raymond” (actually any of the characters in that show!), Chandler and Monica on “Friends,” or Doug and Carrie on “King of Queens.” This comical banter definitely makes for great television, but I think it can also work in a marriage if both parties understand and appreciate each other’s sense of humor.

Warning: it’s an extremely fine line to walk and there’s a time and place for this wit! I do realize that real-life marriage isn’t a sitcom and that’s why many times my own self-proclaimed hilarious comments fall flat. If only there was a studio audience or a laugh track in my house.

In all seriousness, I love and value my husband and our marriage immensely. Just like they say with parenting, there is no manual for marriage. I believe supporting each other’s hopes and dreams, open communication and making time for each other are some of the most important aspects of a relationship. To compare again to raising a child, I think it often takes a village to have a successful marriage. This may sound strange, but having a strong and caring community like Williston is beneficial for all aspects of life, including marriage. We tend to have a less stressful existence (less traffic, noise pollution, crowding, etc.) and we have camaraderie as a town that isn’t easy to find. Williston promotes a healthy lifestyle. It wonderfully blends a historic village with suburban housing and shopping and offers great healthcare, churches, schools and many support programs. To continue with my television theme, Williston really sets the scene for a successful run. Williston could be the modern day Mayberry.

Each year on our anniversary, my husband and I love to re-watch our wedding video, and now, it’s even more fun to watch it with our girls. The video makes us smile at all of our beloved friends and family who were celebrating with us and cry for the ones who are no longer with us today. We especially love listening to our best man’s toast and our maid of honor’s roast. (Doesn’t it make perfect sense that my best girlfriend also has a sarcastic sense of humor?)

All in all, I’m very thankful that my marriage is built on more than just a shared sense of humor/sarcasm. I can’t forget that all those playful and funny television characters whose teasing I love to emulate are one inappropriate or ill-placed joke away from being Roseanne and Dan on “Roseanne” or Peggy and Al on “Married With Children.” I am also thankful that we are living in Williston where we find encouragement and support to help our marriage flourish. And to paraphrase comedienne Rita Rudner, I am thankful to have found that one special person that I want to annoy for the rest of my life. Happy Anniversary, Honey—here’s your gift, which I came across while researching this column: Just for you, the girls and I will observe every Jan. 3, which is “National Silence Day.”


Karen Wyman has been a Williston resident for seven years, and lives with her husband and twin 5-year-old daughters. 

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