May 26, 2018

Life in Williston: Memory lane

By Karen Wyman

I can’t believe it’s almost August and how quickly this summer is flying by. I’m not really sad though, because as some of you may remember from one of my previous columns, I adore fall. When I thought of this sentiment, I realized it has been almost one year since I began writing “Life in Williston.” I decided to reflect on a few of the past topics to see if and how life has changed and to give updates on some of the anecdotes.

First, I must address the question about a past column that a lot of people are asking me these days: Yes, the patio is finished! The sad news is the beloved garden that the girls and I planted is now wilting away due to the contaminated compost. I didn’t see that coming when I spent the extra money on local compost to ensure a healthy organic garden. On the upside, I no longer regret falling prey to that early spring heat wave and getting an early jump on summer chores. As you all know, we are still having a gorgeous summer, so I didn’t miss out at all by frantically working through that first warm front. I wish I could get a head start like that every year; it definitely made for a relaxing summer. (Sans patio construction of course!)

The other big topic that people ask for updates on is the puppy situation. Luckily, the girls have backed down on wanting a puppy since they found out that dogs don’t neatly use a litter box like our cat does. They have now moved onto begging us for an iPad. Although we will not be getting them one anytime soon, at least it is better than the “I Poo’d” that a puppy would offer us! Speaking of the girls, they successfully survived the Kindergarten screening process and have officially found out who their teacher is for this fall. Excited doesn’t even begin to describe their demeanor! When school starts we will sadly say goodbye to their much-loved daycare center, but we are lucky to have found a dear neighbor who runs an amazing home program which will better fit their after-school needs. I am also happy to say that their birthday party went off without a hitch, and there were absolutely no tears when the party ended without a Justin Bieber appearance!

I am delighted to report that there is now an official committee to save the historic barn, and I will gladly keep you apprised as we move forward with this important venture. I’m also proud to state that I am no longer addicted to Words with Friends. However, I am now addicted to Pinterest.

As I browse through my previous columns, it seems some things just haven’t changed at all. My resolution to ban reality television from the house lasted two weeks—ironically, the same amount of time my commitment to exercise lasted. The library continues to be a mainstay in my girls’ lives (aww, my very first column!), and I still love my own book club/ladies’ nights. I also maintain my weekly Williston outings with my girlfriend—shopping and lunching around Williston will never get old. Speaking of shopping, we are all still waiting for confirmation of whether or not Target is coming to Williston, and that cool red building on Talcott Road that I had so many visions for is still empty.

While I begin my second year of writing, I look forward to all that lies ahead for potential topics.  Becoming involved in the school system and the extra-curricular activities that go along with having school-aged children, (Little League, Girl Scouts’, dance classes, religious education classes, etc.) is sure to offer many stories. I also hope to embrace the upcoming proposed growth of our town, such as an Irish pub, Panera, the CVS, a car wash, and whatever else decides to grace Williston. My personal goal is to volunteer more in the community and in turn, encourage others to do the same. I figure the busier I am, the less guilty I will feel sitting down to watch a “Real Housewives” marathon. Now if only my treadmill was near the television!

Karen Wyman has been a Williston resident for seven years, and lives with her husband and twin 5-year-old daughters.

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