May 24, 2018

Life in Williston

By Karen Wyman

Girls day out

For the past few years, one of my best girlfriends and I have had a Monday afternoon ritual. We try our best to never let anything interfere with this standing date– it is our much needed and deserved girl time. My friend doesn’t live in Williston, but she always wants to have our outings here over her own town. On the rare occasions when we have met on her home turf, we ended up disappointed at the lack of options and variety compared to Williston.

No matter what our plans for the day include, one thing is for sure, we always start out with a leisurely lunch. To be honest, this is the main reason we love to meet in Williston! We can usually be spotted at Chef’s Corner or The Garden of Eatin’, excitedly chatting over soup and sandwiches. We also enjoy eating at the great restaurants Maple Tree Place has to offer. In the summer, we like to grab a hotdog or a sandwich and picnic on the green. This is especially relaxing because we aren’t holding up a table for too long and our loud laughter doesn’t garner as many stares! In the winter, it’s convenient to catch a matinee and see those “chick flicks” our husbands refuse to see with us.

After lunch, we sometimes treat ourselves to a manicure, pedicure or even a massage. If we still have a lot to talk about, we prefer to walk the bike path, followed by a stop for ice cream or an iced coffee drink. The majority of the time, though, we partake in our second favorite pastime (after eating) – shopping! What better place to browse an assortment of stores than Williston? I think I speak for many women when I say I am much more decisive and happy shopping for a dress, swimsuit or home décor/improvements if I have a girlfriend with me. I could never decide on a pair of jeans, paint color or a piece of furniture without her opinion.

In the early days of these excursions, our husbands complained that we never invited them, so for a few months we switched to evening get-togethers and allowed them to join us. Since we all had an upcoming Italian vacation planned, we signed up for “Italian For Travelers” through the CVU Access Program. Surprisingly, our husbands enjoyed delving into the Italian language class, and much to our dismay, picked it up more quickly than we did! They even started dictating where we could eat after class or what movie we would go see. That’s when my girlfriend and I signed the four us up for ballroom dancing classes. Our plan worked — the guys never asked to impose on our girl time again.

It is amazing that we never run out of things to do in and around Williston. As the weather warms up, we have already planned to spend some afternoons checking out the many local greenhouses for seasonal plants and flowers. We also have an ambitious plan for the summer Mondays – hitting the driving range and improving our golf game. This way, we can pay back the guys and tag along on their quality time on the golf course. There’s nothing better than hitting away at a bucket of balls in the warm sunshine… well, except maybe lounging on the beach at Lake Iroquois. Whatever it is we decide to do, at least we know we won’t have to go far to find a good meal and an entertaining activity.


Karen Wyman has been a Williston resident for six years, and lives with her husband and twin 4-year-old daughters.


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