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Getting fit in Williston

Feb. 23, 2012

By Karen Wyman


It’s so nice that our wonderful town boasts many options for getting in shape and staying healthy. Some of these choices include, but are not limited to: several gyms and health clubs, a Jazzercise studio, a gymnastics facility, dance studios, and martial arts studios. Williston also offers a beautiful bike path and several well-maintained hiking trails as well as numerous tennis courts and basketball courts.

With all of these amazing resources right here, I should be motivated to work out more often. Unfortunately, this is not the case. I currently have two expired gym memberships proudly displayed on my key ring; I just never managed to use them. I also have another facility debiting my bank account monthly, yet I haven’t entered its doors since the summer. Calling to cancel my membership would be ridiculous, as I always convince myself l may want to go tomorrow. The funny thing is that I like to work out, and I especially love how much energy I have afterwards. Whenever I make up my mind to join a club or class, I give it my absolute all … for about 2 weeks. After that, no matter how much I enjoy my workout routine and the barely emerging results, I just stop participating. It’s like my initial enthusiasm uses all the energy I have, and the desire just disappears. Luckily this phenomenon doesn’t apply to other areas of my life (like my marriage!).

It would seem that a punch card or seven-day trial membership would make the most sense for my frame of mind and pocketbook. However, when I get it in my head that I am going to start an exercise regimen, there is so much gusto and eagerness involved — I convince myself and everyone around me that there is no choice but to go all in. Thank goodness I’m not a gambler! I think a “time-share” concept membership would be ideal for me. I could split a membership with other people, and we would each be entitled to a certain amount of usage. That way, I could still have the luxury of going for a few weeks throughout the year — whenever my overwhelming motivation hits — and I could sell my unused time to another one of the membership owners and not feel guilty about wasting money! I think I’m onto something here. Maybe I can even “sub-lease” my current membership, and then I can take it back when I need it.

As my girls approach five, and bathing suit season approaches, I realize I can no longer use the excuse that I “just had twins.” After catching a sneak peek of this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover, I am compelled to find a cure for my two-week sporadic commitment to exercise-itis (try finding that on WebMD). I have decided to take advantage of the mild winter, Williston’s expansive sidewalks and bike path, and do some old-fashioned walking. Armed with my pedometer and MP3 player, I am pledging myself to walk 10,000 steps (five miles) every day. So, when you see a crazy lady parking at the far back of the grocery store parking lot, locking her car with a key surrounded by gym memberships, it’s just me trying to get fit and cure my rare condition.


Karen Wyman has been a Williston resident for six years, and lives with her husband and twin 4-year-old daughters.

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