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Life in Williston

Adams represents spirit of autumn

Sept. 22, 2011

By Neel Tandan


For more than a decade, I have been going to Adams Apple Orchard and Farm Market in Williston for a number of different reasons. As you can imagine, all of the reasons are good.

When I was younger, I lived close enough so I could ride my bike there with a friend and my pockets weighted with coins. Going on your own and entering the wooden interior to scout around for anything eye-catching was such an adventure that I typically left with a square of maple candy or a plastic straw filled with sweet syrup.

I also went with my family every year to hunt for a pumpkin during Halloween: the bigger, the better. A nice, flat face for the carving that would follow was also a plus — as long as it could be hoisted, with all of our help, into the back of our mini-van. I also remember being bundled up in the back of a wagon every autumn for a ride to Adams; slowly trolling around the property, keeping my eyes open for anything that appeared strange or new and always ready to pipe up with a questions or comment.

The orchard, however, may be the pinnacle of my experiences at Adams with more than 900 trees on seven acres. Of course, when you go as a kid, the place seems literally endless: filled with low-lying, contorted trees, slumping beneath the weight of their bounty.

For my trip this year, the Harvest festival was also happening. The Festival included a petting farm with turkeys, lambs, goats, hens and even a llama. Unfortunately, it also had the annual doughnut stand on the grounds, which serves as an almost irresistible allurement.

The orchard features a variety of apples and crossbreeds. The apple of the week rotates depending on what is ripe and the weather. Last week, the McIntosh highlighted. This week, it is the Macoun and the Porter. The Red Delicious is one of the most meretricious apples and tends to get picked prematurely because of its full red color, although they don’t ripen until the weather gets colder.

Adams is currently open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. I encourage everyone to get out there to pick your own tote, if you haven’t already. You can bring your dog, too, for a true family outing. It is worth mentioning that the orchard also sells its own cider, and it is as crisp and refreshing as fall itself.

Neel Tanden is a lifelong Williston resident who graduated from the University of Vermont in 2010.

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