June 26, 2019

Letters to the Editor

Macaig for State Rep.

I am pleased to write this letter in support of Terry Macaig for reelection as our State Representative. My votes for state representative will go to candidates who are dedicated to doing what is best for the state, who respect taxpayers and who don’t forget the town they come from. Terry has demonstrated all of these values. In his committee work, he has worked on policy to reduce recidivism among those in our corrections institutions and has been in the middle of the plan to replace the Vermont State Hospital and Waterbury Complex. Who can doubt Terry’s life-long commitment to Williston? He is a dedicated chair of our Select board, active in the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church and as one of his responsibilities as president of the Historical Society, he organizes the annual Ice Cream Social! In Montpelier, he continues this service to the town. Did you know that the state skims off a portion of the 1 percent sales tax from Williston? Terry successfully worked to lower this “fee,” keeping more of that revenue here at home.

Finally, Terry plays an important role as a member of the majority party in Montpelier, advocating for the taxpayers and supporting a balanced budget. Terry is doing exactly the work we need him to do. Please join me in supporting Terry Macaig for State Representative.

Jeanne Jensen



‘Williston Wins?’ Not at this rate!

“Williston Wins” is a brilliant effort by the Williston Families as Partners to raise money needed to fund our children’s field trips and provide grants to classrooms for equipment, books and the like. In addition, it eliminates all fund-raising efforts for preschool to fourth grade and eliminates door-to-door product sales for all students. Their last stroke of brilliance … it is tax deductible and ANYONE can donate! My question to Williston is, why are we still less than halfway to the goal with little more than a week remaining? One hundred percent of this money goes straight to our students, not the measly percentage they would get selling overpriced products no one really wants. With Innisbrook wrapping paper, only 50 percent of the profits go to your student, with Yankee candles, only 40 percent. These products are so expensive you might as well wrap the presents in $1 bills taped together! In addition to the greatly reduced profit, we have students trying to sell products door-to-door or through parent workplaces. How many of us are sick of that! For a mere $40, less than many of us spend on a night of even reasonably priced dining (I’m thinking Friendly’s here), you could support your students in so many more important ways. Come on Williston, let’s show the students that we value their time, their safety and above all their education!

For more information, go to http://www.cssu.org/Page/2261.  If you’d like to make a donation, please mail or deliver a check (made payable to Williston FAP) to Williston Central School, attn: FAP, 195 Central School Drive. The campaign ends Oct. 31. They send a letter acknowledging your tax-free donation by the end of the year.

Julia Nesbit


Support Macaig and McCullough for Vermont House

In these trying times, we need experienced leadership representing the residents of Williston at the Vermont State House. So, I urge your support in re-electing Terry Macaig and Jim McCullough to the Vermont House of Representatives.

Both our representatives have a proven record of leadership in promoting economic growth and helping working Vermonters. Yet, at the same time, they both understand that protecting the environment sustains the quality of life necessary to entice businesses and entrepreneurs to settle here in Vermont and create good jobs.

Jim McCullough and Terry Macaig have a distinguished record of public service to the Town of Williston and the State of Vermont through their participation on numerous town boards and charitable organizations. Let’s return Terry Macaig and Jim McCullough to the Vermont House of Representatives.

Joshua Diamond



Waiting for a lead
cleanup plan

I’ve been watching with interest the dispute between the North Country Sportsmen’s Club and the Boutin family property/Creamery Road residents. It seems to me that the North Country Sportsmen’s Club has every right to operate a safe shooting range. Likewise, the people who live near it have every right to expect that their water sources are clean and protected.

I’m sure that many of us in Williston anxiously await the detailed cleanup plan forthcoming from the club and also a preventative plan for how the new shooting alleyways will not create the same pollution in a new location. I hope all residents of Williston push to hear these details.

Meg Thomas



Williston’s Hatfields and McCoys?

Why have Williston residents and Lead Free Williston not received information on plans to clean up the tons of lead accumulating on the slopes of the North Country Sportsman’s Club? Months ago, the club received a federal grant to be used for lead clean up. I believe Vermont Fish and Game are responsible for overseeing how the grant is used.

Past history is that this situation is out of the hands of our town fathers, even though lead is accumulating in our town watershed. They are only responsible for gun club hours and the level of noise. Lead Free Williston is not the only group concerned with this problem. More than a year ago, 350-plus signatures were collected from residents supporting the cleanup of the lead. Our legislators can express their concern, but it seems their hands are tied.

The EPA has a publication entitled “Best Management Practices for Lead at Outdoor Shooting Ranges.” It gives several engineered runoff controls such as filter beds, containment traps and detention ponds, dams and dikes, and ground contouring. Also, the best way to minimize lead migration is to reclaim the lead by process of hand raking and sifting, screening, vacuuming and soil washing.

The publication goes on to say gun clubs everywhere benefit from proactively implementing good practices, improving public relations for all shooting ranges and shooting sports and keeping a clean, well-maintained facility.

Lead Free Williston is not against guns or hunting. We all have friends and families that hunt. We ask the gun club to show they are moving toward a lead free environment. This is not the Boutin Family vs. NCSC, but the concern of a community.

I urge state, federal and environmental agencies and the NRA to find a way to get involved and help the citizens of Williston. How can laws be passed and not enforced?

Ginger Isham



Learn more about the F-35 proposed base in Burlington

Here are five facts about the F-35 Stealth Bombers from the U.S. Air Force Environmental Impact Statement:

1. The F-35 is more than four times louder than the F-16.

2. Almost 7,000 people, five schools and six churches will be put in a zone “generally not considered suitable for residential use,” including more than half of Winooski.

3. With the F-35, the Vermont Air Guard payroll would be less than 1 percent of the total non-farm income of Chittenden County.

4. Homes exposed to the increased noise may lose between 11 and 42 percent of their value.

5. The crash rate for the F-35 is 11 times higher than the F-16.

The F-35 is a stealth bomber that carries 18,000 pounds of bombs (including nuclear ones). No official has stated that the Vermont Air National Guard base will close or downsize if they don’t get the F-35.

If these facts are concerning to you, please get involved. Call our elected officials and the U.S. Air Force, and find out more at http://www.stopthef35.com/. The Air Force will make a decision in December. Once they do, there is no going back.

Deborah Miuccio



Support for Letovsky

We are hearing much about the extreme partisanship which has become so prevalent within our political system in recent years, and the finger-pointing that it’s “their fault but not ours” is a line that has now become tiresome. It is clear that both parties are guilty.

All who run for office say they will bring about a change in that mentality, but few have the courage to demonstrate that independence even before they are elected. Robert Letovsky of Jericho, a candidate for the Vermont Senate from Chittenden County, is that person. He is running for office as a true independent, not to be confused with the Independent Party, though I have no quarrel with them.

Robert Letovsky is determined to truly work to bridge that divide and do things that will really help Vermonters, and thus is swearing no allegiance to either party, and I believe in him and his goals. Those who know him, and I do, know of his commitment to the goal of reversing the trend of outmigration of our young people to other states due to the lack of opportunity here. As a college professor who teacher college seniors, he knows of the concerns of these graduates and other young people who are trying to stay here and make a living. He has specific ideas about how to reverse this trend of outmigration. Everyone will agree that this should not be a partisan issue, and Robert Letovsky will help to ensure that it is not.

He is a warm and caring individual who will bring fresh and exciting perspective to the issues Vermont is facing. I hope you will vote for Robert Letovsky to elect him to the Vermont State Senate.

Leo M. LeCours



Robert Letovsky for State Senate

I enthusiastically support Robert Letovsky for election to the State Senate. Robert has an independent vision and voice, which is a refreshing change in these times of partisan politics. He clearly understands the problems facing our communities and our state, and he has the ideas, the energy and the enthusiasm to solve those problems. He has the knowledge and experience that is needed in Montpelier.

As the chairman of the Business and Accounting Department of St. Michaels College, Robert understands the problems of our local and state economies. He has fashioned some terrific solutions to solve those problems. Robert also has a thorough understanding of our issues in health care. Robert lives in Jericho, but was raised in Canada. As a result, he has experienced both a single payer system, and our current system of private health insurance. This knowledge will be essential to help shape our health care reform. Visit his excellent website to find out for yourself, www.robertvtsenate.com, and give Robert your support on Election Day.

Fred Ziegler





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