June 19, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Let your voice be heard

It is well known that parents’ or caregivers’ participation in their children’s education is incredibly important and directly correlated to their ability to succeed in life. And by succeed, we mean become a healthy, happy, well-educated individual who is self-confident, has the ability to make well-informed decisions and has developed the grit that is required to withstand the challenges that life throws our way each and every day.

So what better opportunity to take part in this important process than by sharing your voice and opinion as the School Board begins the annual process to determine the 2012-2013 school budget. Please join us on Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 6 p.m. in Williston Central School’s dining room for our community forum.

If you are interested in fully familiarizing yourself with the budget and all that is considered in completing this process, we also have an opportunity for you—become a “budget buddy.” You don’t need to be a math whiz or an accountant, all you need is a willingness to dedicate a little bit of your time and have an interest in our children’s education. This is truly a unique opportunity that very few public schools have available and that is hugely valuable (for both the children and you, as a tax payer). If you are interested, please contact us via email at wsdschoolboard@cssu.org or the school administration by calling at 878-2762. We very much look forward to hearing from you!

— Giovanna Boggero 

Williston School Board Member


Vote for Terry

Terry Macaig has the qualities for our state representative including true dedication to the job, a serious commitment to the people to do the best for them, enjoyment of the work despite long hours and long committee meetings and many years of leadership experience in many areas. As a neighbor and a friend for 46 years, I would ask you to elect for another term, Terry Macaig, as our state representative to Montpelier so he might continue in this dedicated position for the people of Williston. Thank you.

— Carol Burbank



Vote for Michaud

It is my privilege to recommend Jay Michaud for your vote for Williston representative to the Vermont Legislature.

From my perspective, Jay’s energy, common sense, business experience, willingness to listen and focus on the future make Jay exactly the kind of person we need to represent us in Montpelier.

I have served with Jay on the Williston Selectboard over the last few years. Jay appropriately sits in the middle of our five-person table and is respected for his thoughtfulness, friendliness and courteous demeanor. He approaches all issues—whether the budget or other matters of public policy—with fairness, frugality, common sense and keen intuition.

Jay knows firsthand about the challenges and rewards of building and operating small businesses in Vermont, having personally started and built many businesses over the years. Making Vermont a vibrant place to live and work isn’t an academic exercise for Jay—it’s something he lives every day.

Jay is also particularly focused on young people and their future. He regularly involves students and interns in his various pursuits. As a youth football coach with the Chittenden South Buccaneers, I am an heir to Jay’s hard work and legacy, since his foresight and community leadership led to the creation of the CVU and CSSU football programs.

Finally, Jay would bring much needed balance to Montpelier—not one extreme balancing out another extreme, but someone who himself brings a pragmatic, balanced approach to every task. Jay will listen to both sides of every issue, weigh the pluses and minuses, and focus like a laser on the future of Williston and Vermont, with special attention to young people and families looking to build a life in our beautiful state.

In truth, what more could we ask from our representative?  Please join me in voting for Jay Michaud.

— Chris Roy



Support Debbie Ingram for Vermont Senate

Support one of Williston’s own, Debbie Ingram, running for Vermont Senate. Debbie has a proven track record of leadership and experience to represent our community in the Vermont Senate. As a result, she has been endorsed by Congressman Peter Welch, Governor Peter Shumlin and former Governor Madeleine Kunin.

Debbie has served in local government as a Selectboard member from Williston and a Member of the Long Range Planning Committee of the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission. She is a small business owner and understands firsthand the struggles of both working Vermonters and employers in this difficult economy. Debbie will work hard to reform our broken health care system and help small businesses prosper.

Finally, Debbie understands how to work with others to achieve common goals. As executive director of Vermont Interfaith Action, she knows how to bring people together to tackle difficult problems like affordable housing, sustaining our environment and creating economic opportunities for all Vermonters. I urge your support for Debbie Ingram.

— Joshua Diamond,



Your choice can make a difference

Do you feel that you do not want to vote? Are you tired of the adverts and the media bombardment with their pervasive slogans? You are not alone. Many Williston voters are despondent and have lost their regard for the election process. We need to ask if the current leadership results in what we really want for Vermont and for America? Your choice can make a difference. Not voting means you will have a “national health” system like Canada, with unknown increases in taxes. Not voting will result in your gas prices matching California’s. Not voting means Vermont will have more international workers brought in to build big corporate ventures like Jay Peak when Vermonters need the jobs.

If you vote for hard-working, problem-solving Vermonters like Jay Michaud and Tom Nelson here in Williston, Randy Brock as governor and John McGovern to replace the long-term Bernie Sanders, then you will once again have a voice. You will be reducing big government and addressing the debt crisis. You will see jobs return and your children will be able to stay here.

Do you remember being proud of Vermont? Do you remember going to the polls knowing you made a difference? Send your party a message that you are the ones in charge of Vermont, not the elite Montpelier cronies who are forcing you into things you do not want or doing things that do not work. This is enough. This has to change. Get out and VOTE.

Be all that you can be—be a true Vermonter again!

— Jenifer Burnett


Support for Sally Fox

I am writing to express my support for Sally Fox for re-election to the Vermont State Senate.

Sally Fox is a strong voice for children and families and seniors.  She fights for laws and programs that focus on preventing problems and reducing the need for more expensive solutions—like law enforcement programs and incarceration. She fought hard for health care reforms that will free up human capital and potential—and thus create jobs and a better future.

Sally’s balanced and passionate Senate leadership—she is a member of both the Health and Welfare Committee and the Finance Committee—gives real clout to Chittenden County. Her work makes a difference in people’s lives.

— Ted Kenney



Support Robert Letovsky for Vermont State Senate

We support Robert Letovsky, Independent candidate for Chittenden County State Senate. Robert is eminently qualified with an impressive business, professional and civic background.

A professor and chairperson of business at St. Michael’s College, Robert understands the importance of a growing, vibrant and sustainable economy that will support the creation of good-paying jobs. To do this, he favors reforming not only current tax rates, but the regulatory framework that deters investment, wastes money, promotes uncertainty and encourages businesses and jobs to leave Vermont. Robert has traveled to Afghanistan to set up a business college there based on St. Michael’s model. He is an experienced scholar.

As a former school board chairman, he understands the challenges that parents and taxpayers face in trying to provide high quality education for our children.

Having lived under both the Vermont health care system and single-payer health care in Canada, he understands the financial implications that a single-payer system will bring to Vermonters. He believes that government-controlled health care will dramatically increase tax burdens and further encourage the flight of jobs and capital.

Robert values hard work, personal responsibility and individual and economic liberty. He understands the burdens excessive government spending puts on taxpayers. He believes that society bears the responsibility to help those truly unable to care for themselves, but to meet this obligation, he recognizes that Vermont must create economic conditions with more higher-skilled and better-paying jobs that will make it possible for our young people to remain in our state. Economic vitality will sustain the quality of life that we Vermonters enjoy. Robert Letovsky will serve Vermonters well as a senator. We strongly support his candidacy.

— Don and Ann Messier



End trapping season 

I’m tired of feeling trapped by Vermont’s trapping season.

I get a knot in the pit in my stomach every October when trapping season starts, since trapping means needless suffering for so many animals. Traps are indiscriminate and don’t know the difference between a cat, dog, fox or a bobcat versus a lynx (the latter is endangered), so none are safe.

Leg-hold traps often leave animals to languish in pain and suffer from blood loss, predation, dehydration and freezing temperatures. When trapped, the animal’s primal instincts go into overdrive and in a desperate attempt to free themselves from the traps, they may attempt to chew off their own limb. Per Vermont’s current regulations, trappers are required to check their traps daily. Who, other than the trapper, can be certain when their trap was last checked? How can the trappers ensure us that they aren’t trapping endangered species, like the lynx?

Do the ends justify the means here? Trapping is one of those traditions that serves no good purpose other than the continuation of an inhumane ritual, passed down from generation to generation. It’s up to new generations to see trapping for what it is: cruel and unnecessary.

Isn’t it time to teach our youth a better way rather than passing down traditions that may not be in the child’s best interest? Most children’s faces light up when they see animals either wild or domestic and they exhibit a natural desire to connect with them. Sadly, sometimes a child’s need to please his parent overtakes his instinct to preserve nature. How about getting your child outside with a camera and some binoculars and view the beauty of Vermont’s wildlife together in a humane way?

— Brenna Galdenzi



Full lead clean-up needed

In response to the recent article, “Lead Free Williston reloads in gun club controversy,” regarding the North Country Sportman’s Club and the subsequent lead pollution, it is time that Williston neighbors see a full site clean-up.

For several years, members of the North Country Sportman’s Club have provided a venue for hunters and sportsmen to practice and learn. The decades of shooting has diminished the land and community as lead bullets continuously invade surrounding neighbors’ yards and homes. Lead shot has been accumulating on the North Country Sportman’s Club property for decades, with no sign of removal or clean-up. Consequently, this lead has migrated into surrounding properties, polluting brooks, waterways and currently a family well.

The activity of the NCSC has caused a family farm to stop raising its own beef and vegetables and has also forced several families into a state of constant concern and fear for their health. Lead Free Williston, a group of neighbors, came together a few years ago to encourage the NCSC to clean up the existing lead pollution and adopt a more sustainable practice that would reduce health and environmental threats. At the recent media event in September, members of Lead Free Williston were joined by several supporters, demonstrating widespread concern.

A site clean-up and amended practice are long past due. Everyone deserves the right to breathe clean air, drink clean water and live in a safe and healthy community. Polluting Williston’s land, waterways, and community with lead shot directly threatens those rights for families and community members. I urge the gun club to amend their practices to a model that keeps resources and residents safe and I urge the state to hold the gun club responsible for the existing pollution.

— Kalyn Rosenberg


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