June 19, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Inspiring choice for Williston 

I am asking folks to please support Thomas Nelson as Williston’s next state representative to the Vermont House. Tom is a natural and gifted leader with expertise in both public service and safety. He is an excellent listener.

Tom has benefitted everyone living in the Indian Ridge neighborhood, particularly when he served as charter member for the Indian Ridge Homeowner’s Association. Once you meet Tom, you are keenly aware that he is extremely well organized and will bring strong leadership skills on the important issues impacting our region. You will also discover why people want to elect someone of his caliber to bring great leadership and representation back to Montpelier.

It is exciting to promote a person who has done so much for so many in such a short period of time and who once again wants to enter public service for Vermont. Tom will command attention and inspire Montpelier’s leaders and legislative committees to remain focused on solving Vermont’s challenging issues. He will represent regional issues faced by our small business leaders, corporations within our community and families living within our district.

We have an opportunity to deliver someone uniquely qualified to serve our community. Now is the time to shake up the bushes and ruffle the streets in and around Williston. It’s time to elect someone with the knowledge and expertise to clearly represent all views and positions expressed by citizens in our town. It’s also time for a little shake-up to begin in the halls and chambers in Montpelier, too!

In November, please cast your vote for Tom Nelson—someone who will use common sense, offer fiscal accountability and provide fresh incentives for Vermont’s businesses in ways in which Vermonter’s truly like to be represented.

— Michael O’Connor 



Additional lead pollution concerns

Many thanks to the Williston Observer for running the most recent article about lead pollution in and around the North Country Sportsmen’s Club and Boutin family property (“Lead Free Williston reloads in gun club controversy,” Sept. 27). A few more crucial pieces of information from the club’s Environmental Stewardship Plan (ESP) should be publicly acknowledged as well.

One specific item in the plan is to clear-cut just under five acres of its land to create new shooting alleyways. This would direct shooting practices toward the densely populated Porterwood neighborhood, possibly creating more danger to residents due to errant shooting and further lead pollution.

In addition, these new alleyways would be in closer proximity to the wellhead shared by the Porterwood Drive neighborhood and one house on Old Creamery Road. This wellhead falls within a Wellhead Protection Area, which is clearly marked by signage in the surrounding area. The Department of Environmental Conservation, Water Supply Division, is listed by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as “managing Wellhead Protection Areas” in Vermont. Runoff and other water sources could transport spent lead into the backyards of neighbors and closer to the wellhead itself.

Given these two pieces of the North Country Sportsmen’s Club’s ESP, in addition to other items covered by the Observer story, I have to wonder: How does this plan create a safer zone for club members and neighbors to live side-by-side? How does the plan better protect a common water source shared by many?

I pose these questions with sadness, given that the club has not proposed adequate cleanup of the current lead pollution on its land, in the Sucker Brook and its tributaries and the Boutin family farm, either.

— Adam Deyo



Lead Free Williston thanks supporters

Lead Free Williston would like to send out some special thanks.

Luke Baynes, Williston Observer reporter—for continuing to bring our lead pollution stories and issues out into the public eye where the support of numbers is needed to continue this fight.

For the other speakers at our media event who didn’t get mentioned in “Lead Free Williston reloads in gun club controversy.”

Ginny Lyons, Vermont Senate—For taking the time to support our cause, and for taking part in this media event. We, and the State, appreciate your concerns.

Chris Ahlers, Vermont Law Clinic—For guiding us within the legal road that we must travel to fight this toxic pollutant within our brook, pond, well and land.

Dan Boomhower, Lead Free Williston—For his dedication to this worthy cause from the beginning, and for sharing the fact that the Town of Williston has already contributed approximately $900,000 to clean up pollution further along Sucker Brook prior to the lead pollution issue.

Bruce Ryan, Lead Research—For contacting us, and for sharing his wealth of knowledge about lead shot and the other poisons associated with the clay targets used.

And, behind the scenes:

Kalyn Rosenberg, Toxic Action Center—For working to organize us and to steer us in the paths that will eventually lead to a cleaner environment.

Tami Wuestenberg, DEC—For her dedication in trying to make sure that the letters of the law are followed.

And, to the members of Lead Free Williston—our fight is not over yet, but we will overcome! And Leo and I sincerely thank you for your time and efforts on behalf of trying to get the lead out of Sucker Brook, our pond, our well, our land—and Williston!

We truly appreciate all the efforts!

— Mona & Leo Boutin


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