September 20, 2019

Letters to the Editor

Aug. 19, 2010

A lovely drive

I wanted to express my thanks to all those who make the beautiful drive along Vermont 2A possible.

Thank you to the donors who fund the purchase of the plants and materials.

Thank you to the laborers who do all the work of planting, weeding, watering and pruning. As a gardener, I know how much work that is.

Thank you to the town of Williston for making the space available for these oases of color.

Because of the contributions of so many, driving along Vermont 2A (which I do nearly every day) is a source of pleasure and pride.

Erika Mellmann, Williston

Thanking the fire department

I would like to say thank you to Jeff Leete of the Williston Fire Department. On Thursday, Aug. 5, I visited the fire station with my grandson, Connor. Jeff gave us a wonderful tour of the station, showed us all the equipment, explained what it was used for and how it worked. Connor was very impressed and appreciative of the time he took with us. I am very grateful that Jeff is a member of our fire department. Thanks again.

Don Ciosek, Williston

A wonderful new trail

The mile-long jaunt from Pleasant Acres over to the bike path and ball fields behind Williston Central School on the newly completed Allen Brook Extension Trail is a delight. Except in times of very high water, I expect it will be used continually by dog walkers and others who seek a quiet place to get a little fresh air and exercise. Many thanks to the landowners whose cooperation made the trail possible. Not to mention the Vermont Agency of Transportation for funding the project and the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps for doing the trail construction. For those looking for the trailhead, it is tucked in behind the small cedar trees near the entrance to the Chatham Woods development, off North Williston Road.

Tony Shaw, Williston
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