May 21, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Oct. 27, 2011


Williston schools fundraiser a huge success

Whitcomb’s Land of Pumpkins would like to thank everyone who participated in and supported our annual “Giant Pumpkin Display/Weighoff” and Williston schools fundraiser. We displayed and weighed some very nice and big pumpkins.

The pumpkin plant sale in the spring, along with the pumpkin and maze donations, totaled $1,170. More than 70 Williston families visited us to purchase pumpkins and run through the corn maze. Beautiful weather was enjoyed by all.

Thank you for supporting Williston schools and this community event, and a special thanks to our local businesses for their generous prize donations.

The Whitcomb family (Mary, Lorenzo, Cale, Max and Dane)Williston


Please stop texting and driving

Every day I travel back and forth from Champlain Valley Union High School to Williston Central School. I am amazed at how many teenagers I pass whose heads are down while driving because they’re texting. Today I counted five teenagers coming from CVU to the Williston village.

I have had a few close calls in the past with people (not just teens) texting and driving, where if I wasn’t paying attention, I could have got hit head on. The point of my letter is not to lecture, but that hopefully it will encourage parents to talk with their teenagers again and again about the dangers of texting while driving.

Maybe take the time to go online and pull up the statistics of those who have hurt or killed others while texting and driving. I hope that at least one person reads this and stops driving and texting.  No message is that important that you can’t wait until you get home or to school.

I heard recently of a young man who texted a reply of  “LOL” to a friend. He hit and killed a person who was on the side of the road. This young man will have to live with that for the rest of his life. Was the “LOL” really that important? Couldn’t he have just waited to reply until he wasn’t driving? Was it worth it? Life is too precious to take the chance. Please stop texting and driving!

Melissa Bissonette

St. George


Lead impacting protection area

In addition to your story (Observer, “Testing Confirms lead pollution in farm’s well,” October 13, 2011), I would like to point out that this property is sitting in a mapped “Wellhead Protection Area.” And for those of you not familiar with this terminology, a “Wellhead Protection Area” is a surface and subsurface land area regulated to prevent contamination of a well or well-field supplying a public water system. This program, established under the Safe Drinking Water Act, is implemented through state governments. Our testing shows that this protected area has been contaminated by lead. As this is a more rural area, most of our homes depend on our wells for our drinking water. Our bedrock well is fairly shallow — only 125 feet deep — but has supplied our water needs for many years. The lead content in our well came back at .053 mg/l. This is almost four times the level for toxic substances in drinking water for humans.

How much longer will it be before the lead reaches other wells in our Wellhead Protection Area?

On a side note, we would like to thank Jessica Edgerly, State Director of Toxics Action Center, for all our her assistance in bringing our lead pollution issue into public knowledge. When issues like this are made public, they can get resolved. We are looking forward to that day!

Mona Boutin, Lead Free Williston


Attend the budget community forum

The Williston School Board is holding a budget community forum on Nov. 1 at 6 p.m. in the Williston Central School’s dining room. The School Board is looking for community input as we start the process of developing the school budget for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Hearing from parents and other community members is important for the School Board as we strive to prepare a budget that ensures the delivery of a quality education to our children at a value to the taxpayer. Public input is essential in helping the School Board meet these objectives, especially during this difficult economic environment that has impacted our state and town. By attending this community forum, you will have the opportunity to inform the School Board and administration about your priorities, what you would prefer the school district to continue to offer, or to change.

So now that the school budget process is about to begin anew, please join the School Board members and school administration team at this budget community forum. Working together, we can build a strong educational program that benefits the entire community. We hope you can attend.

The Williston School Board — Joshua Diamond, Kevin Mara, Giovanna Boggero, Deborah Baker-Moody and Holly Rouelle

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