April 23, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Oct. 20, 2011


Thank You, Observer

It is always a pleasure to deal with the staff at the Observer. They do a great job bringing community news to all of us in our mailboxes and are kind to their writers. I am indebted to them for all their help over the years. The paper and its changes have improved for their readers. I think each editor has left his or her mark in a positive way.

Sometimes I have not made myself clear in my writings, and how I think others will read and understand what I have written.

As a result, I am sending this explanation of last week’s guest column (Observer, “Saving mama’s school,” Oct. 13, 2011). George Isham and Sylvia Wellinger Isham were my husband’s parents, who both had a connection to the town of St. George. Their children and spouses, and even many of their grandchildren, called them, “Mama and Papa.” The article sounded like they were my parents. Also, the two Ishams (Joshua and Jehiel) who came from Connecticut and settled St. George were cousins and also were distant cousins of David’s dad, George.

Ginger Isham, Williston

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