May 24, 2018

Letters to the Editor

May 26, 2011


Vermont 2A sidewalks must be connected

I am writing in regards to your May 5th front-page article, “Hearing sets Stage for new sidewalk.” I’m curious how Old Stage Road became the next sidewalk to be completed. I was glad to hear that safety was a major consideration for the new sidewalk to be built on Old Stage Road.

I was surprised to see the following week no one wrote and mentioned safety on Vermont 2A. On 2A, some fine new sidewalks have been made but not connected. Between the light at Mountain View Road and the Vermont State Employees Credit Union at 1755 Essex Road, there is no sidewalk. This means individuals making essential trips to catch the CCTA (Chittenden County Transportation Authority) bus for work or to the grocery store for food have to walk IN traffic.

Vermont 2A traffic is much busier than Old Stage Road traffic. I would imagine the higher traffic volume and purpose of walking (work/weekly groceries) would make completing this stretch of sidewalk a high priority. Perhaps these sidewalks will be addressed during the planning for a church at Beaudry Lane? I wonder if Williston has any plans to complete this sidewalk.

Ken Gregory




Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, Slide

Some may be familiar with the above, which was first used by Australia’s Cancer Council campaign in 1981. This has become a worldwide reminder to all about what can be done to protect ourselves from the sun. May is Skin Cancer Awareness month. With the welcomed arrival of warm weather and sunshine, it is a reminder on how we can enjoy the outdoors and still protect our skin. Seek shade, slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen, slap on a hat and slide on protective sunglasses. There are many sources for information about skin cancer and how to prevent sun damage, what to look for, what type of sunscreen to use, how often to apply, why one should avoid tanning booths, and why a child under six-months-old should stay out of the sun. The American Academy of Dermatology and the American Cancer Society web sites have much information. Check your skin regularly and be aware of what to look for. The ABCDE guidelines for self-skin exam for melanoma are at the web sites, too. The letters stand for: A, asymmetry; B, border; C, color; D, diameter; and E, evolving.

You can enjoy the wonderful outdoors of Vermont and be sun smart, too!

Carol Burbank


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