May 27, 2018

Letters to the Editor

April 28, 2011

Thanks to WCS teachers

I recently attended a parent volunteer meeting for the eighth grade graduation. As the end of the student year draws near, I know that my family’s ties to Williston Central School will be over. We have had two lucky children attend WCS and have been involved with the school for more than 16 years. I think it is timely for me to thank the amazing teachers that have helped me raise my sons to be who they are today.

To the teachers of Lighthouse: my heartfelt thanks for your humor and kindness. You helped both of my sons push themselves to achieve educational goals and set even higher targets for them to become caring, thoughtful citizens of the world. Lighthouse was a family that devoted themselves to my children and partnered with me to build a strong foundation for each boy to build upon. And to the teachers of Voyager, thank you so much for continuing to shape these amazing boys into kids who are interested in learning and eager to question. They know that they are responsible for their own achievement and that the world offers endless possibilities. Voyager has inspired them to reach with their minds and explore. My children have been excited about learning from their first day of school and the teachers that have lined their paths have been a gift to my family. A million thanks to each of you.

Heidi Brown, Williston

Siding with Steve

It is not often that I agree with Steve Mount and disagree with Kayla Purvis but today is the day. Steve is right — our tax code is an abomination (Williston Observer, April 21, Liberally Speaking: “Connections: GE and the royal wedding”). It should have a few simple personal deductions and perhaps three rates, and should take no more than 20 pages. Our old code should be scrapped completely.

Kayla for once is wrong. The Tea Party is not extreme (Williston Observer, April 21, Right to the Point: “Getting lost in the middle”) unless you consider following our Constitution extreme. Many of our northern Republicans wouldn’t even classify as Democrats in the south. We need six-year term limits so no one will have time to make friends with all the lobbyists. I am 84-years-old and long ago got all the money back I put into Social Security, as well as what the various companies I worked for put in with compound interest on both contributions.

Ralph M. McGregor, Williston

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