July 24, 2019

Letters to the Editor

A vote for Racine

I’m excited to be supporting Doug Racine in the Aug. 24 Democratic primary.

Doug has received the endorsement of the Vermont Labor Council, the state teachers union, the Vermont State Employees Association and the Vermont League of Conservation Voters. Why? Because he has spent his entire adult life championing the causes that I and most Vermonters care deeply about: quality education, environmental protection, fair wages, equitable taxation and health care for all Vermonters. His support for civil unions was staunch at a time when this legislation was unpopular and emotions were running high.

Best of all, Doug Racine is someone we can trust. He is a man of his word and follows through on his promises. He has the record and experience to be a great governor, he has unquestionable integrity and he has my vote.

Elizabeth Skarie


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