April 24, 2019

Letters to the Editor

Dismayed by letters

I’m writing to express my dismay with the Letters to the Editor section, specifically the chronic weekly publishing of letters from the same single writer. I realize that we all have every right to submit letters for publication, but certainly you must have a limit on how many a single writer can have published. If you want to give voice to a particular writer on a weekly basis, perhaps a byline would be more appropriate.

In addition to the weekly printing, the information provided by this particular writer is often misleading and incorrect. As an example, a recent letter tries to explain “dhimmitude” to the reader and contains an assertion that Muslims will benefit without cost from the new health care plan, fondly and derisively referred to by the writer as ObamaCare. This is just not true and that could have been easily picked up by Observer staff with a simple look at FactCheck.org. I find it offensive in tone and troublesome that by its very inclusion in your paper it could be perceived as accurate.

I’d be interested to learn your paper’s policy regarding the frequency of letters from a single source as well as fact checking submitted letters. It would seem to me that the responsibility of any paper that is putting the written word into print for public consumption is to insure that the reader can be correct in assuming that integrity is the passion of those that assemble the communities’ source of information. It would be comforting to know that these high standards are integral to your publication.

George Hubbard

Food Shelf on parade

Each Fourth of July, families sit down to hamburgers, hot dogs and ice cream to celebrate our nation’s independence. But do you know that for many families in Williston that picnic is only possible because of your support of the Williston Community Food Shelf? Your friends and neighbors who volunteer at the Food Shelf are asking for your generosity this weekend to ensure those in need will always have a place to turn.

In between the bands and floats at this year’s parade you will find us with our truck, our red wagons and our volunteers collecting donations of money and food. We are always in need of pasta sauce, canned fruits and peanut butter and jelly. Donations of cash will help us not only pay the rent, but provide fresh eggs and dairy products to our clients as well. Every dollar is important!

Due in part to the continuing economic slump, donations to the Food Shelf in the first half of this year are down 40 percent from last year while the number of Williston families in need continues to climb. We have taken steps to contain our costs but each step takes something away from those in need in the community. Your donation will help us to fulfill our mission of providing fresh, healthy food to all those neighbors who need assistance.

Can you imagine a Fourth of July celebration without a picnic? We can’t. We hope to see you at the parade or come and visit us. We are located in the Taft Farm Village Center off U.S. 2 on the ground floor behind Artists’ Mediums. Have a safe and happy holiday and thank you for your generosity to the Williston Community Food Shelf.

Williston Community Food Shelf volunteers

Ambulance in service

On July 1 at 12:01 a.m., the Williston Fire Department became the transporting ambulance for the town of Williston. I would like to publicly thank St. Michael’s Rescue for its years of service to the town. We have been very fortunate to have had such a longstanding affiliation with their dedicated volunteers.

We, the members of the Williston Fire Department, are excited about this change, and the benefits it will bring to our townspeople. You will benefit from quicker response, and no transfer of care. Williston Fire Department EMTs will respond directly to the scene in one of our ambulances. Patients will be cared for by the same EMTs from the time the ambulance arrives until the patient is safely at the hospital.

We have purchased a 2010 ambulance, manufactured by Osage, in Linn, Mo., as our primary ambulance, and a 2004 Lifeline Ambulance from Odessa, Del. as our backup ambulance. In rare instances, when all of our EMTs and ambulances are busy, citizens may see St. Michael’s Rescue or Essex Rescue respond to a call in Williston.

A long time ago, a group of concerned citizens formed Iroquois First Response to bring initial medical services to Williston and Hinesburg. Then, in 2000, the Williston Fire Department took over the First Response services for Williston. Now, with the Williston Fire Department becoming your transporting ambulance, we will be providing our citizens with the full range of Emergency Medical Care.

Our staff and volunteers have been training long hours over the last several months to make the transition as smooth as possible. We look forward to continuing to serve you.

Chief Kenneth Morton
Williston Fire Department

Suggestions for Maple Tree Place signage

I am pleased a sign is being considered for Maple Tree Place. I also like the directional signs within the shopping center.

My suggestion to our Development Review Board would be that the words “Maple Tree Place” be vertical, with three short lines for the three words. That is, one word under the other. Also, put a maple tree on the same sign to the left side of the three words. Also, make the sign smaller. How about the background of the sign being a dark green with white lettering? We live in the Green Mountain State and the leaves are green on the maple tree.

I was overwhelmed when I saw the new temporary sign because of its size. The impression I get is that the tree will be as large as the sign with words and a separate section of the name sign.

Will the same sign go at the other entrance? Seems like there should be one there also.

Ginger Isham

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