January 22, 2019

Letters to the Editor

Fun and gratitude

On behalf of Families as Partners (FAP), we’d like to extend a big thank you to everyone who attended the Williston Runs for Education 5K/Fun Run on Saturday.

Thank you to the participants, volunteers, sponsors and sideline cheerleaders for your involvement in producing a fun and successful event. In addition to promoting physical fitness and some good-spirited competition, Williston Runs raised over $4,000 to fund programs such as an intergenerational reading group, teacher grants, parent workshops, field trips and need-based student services support.

Congratulations to Team Chloeoislyn (Kaitlyn Jovell, Eloise Durant and Chloe Avery), representing Sterling House — the 2018 House Challenge winners! Photos and results are posted at willistonruns.org/.

Williston Runs Committee:

Karen Olson, Sue Scheer and Carl Peach

Sprucing up town cemeteries

We opened the town cemeteries on May 15 and are so glad we have Bob Gokey and his crew on board. There is much work to be done at this time of year and especially before Memorial Day.

The veterans’ and firemen’s graves will receive new flags where needed. Thanks to Deb Beckett for her help obtaining new flags for the veterans and for the help of the Boy Scouts, who will distribute them. Thank you to our local fire department, which will replace worn flags honoring former firefighters.

After a long winter, the cemeteries have large and small stones that need to be straightened, grass that needs attention and trees and/or limbs that need to be cut and trimmed to protect the grave stones, markers and neighboring lots. Numerous graves have flowers and wreaths that are no longer an attraction and need to be removed. We hope families living in the area who have loved ones in one of the cemeteries will be conscious of removing them. This is helpful to Bob and his crew, who need to mow and trim next to the markers and stones.

If anyone would like a description on how to care for your family lot, contact Don Thurston at 863-5951 or 310-1937.

Williston Cemetery Commission:
Don Thurston, Bea Harvey, Hazel Winter, Ginger Isham,
Jack Price

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