December 15, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Herbicide treatment the best option for Lake Iroquois

In regard to the “looking ahead” article in last week’s Observer (“What to watch for in 2018”), it appears that the Observer has already made up its mind about the efficacy of using an herbicide to control milfoil in Lake Iroquois. The word “dumped” certainly casts a pejorative slant on a very complex issue, as does the word “chemical” (rather than herbicide) in each of the three paragraphs on this issue. This issue deserves objective reporting from the town newspaper.

The Lake Iroquois Association (LIA) studied this issue at length, interviewing experts from the state and private sectors, as well as those who have used the treatment successfully, before applying for the permit. The selectboards of the four towns in the Lake Iroquois Recreation District were repeatedly given information on the options available to the association to stem the growth of milfoil. Hundreds of hours were put in by LIA board members to keep people informed of the options, yet little was heard from the public during this years-long process.

The file photo used by the Observer makes it obvious that to do nothing will lead to the loss of an important community resource. The LIA board did its homework and came out with the best alternative available. The fearful reactions from those who came lately to the issue do a disservice to the diligence with which the problem was approached. Towns using Lake Iroquois should be thankful that the LIA led the effort to salvage what is an important recreational resource.

Bob Pasco
Former Lake Iroquois Association board member

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