May 27, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Jeff Fehrs on being reelected

Thank you to all who voted during Town Meeting. I am honored to have been reelected to the Williston Selectboard.

This was an especially contentious and divisive election where a single issue dominated the discussions.  As with all issues facing our community, I am committed to understanding all sides of the issues and making decisions based on what best serves our community as a whole.  We have a lot of work to do and I doubt many of the issues will be easy or straightforward.  I look forward to working with all involved so we can move forward as a community.

Jeff Fehrs,

Thank you to Rotary

I would like to thank the Williston-Richmond Rotary Club, and George Hauenstein and Howard Novak in particular, for letting me do my 8th Grade Challenge with them. I had a lot of fun helping with and skiing in the Annual Ski Challenge. The ski challenge is a fundraiser for heating assistance for Vermonters in need. I would also like to thank all the individuals and local businesses who donated money and raffle prizes to help this cause. Eighth-grader Alex Batres and his dad took pictures at the event, so thank you to them too.

If you would like to learn more about the Rotary,  join us on Thursdays at 7:15 a.m. at The Williston Federated Church.

Alex Spitznagle,

Students speak out on Trump policies [subhed]

Against pipelines, refugee ban

Millions of refugees are fleeing from all over the world: Africa, Iraq, Syria and many more places, all because of war. “Making America great again” is only making America selfish. We are putting an oil pipe through our home earth.

Have you ever thought about how the oil pipe will affect your life? What if the pipe leaks into the river? What would you drink if the water is poisonous? What if the fish you eat all die? Would you be killing yourself if you support that oil pipe?

We are putting oil before happiness. Is happiness oil? Is happiness putting a useless wall around Mexico? What makes me happy is helping others. We are telling people that they can’t live their lives happily. Your future best friend could be from another country. You’ll never know unless we let others share our home.

To make America great again, we have to bring happiness to others, not just ourselves….I think it is really important to support the homeless…. Remember just one small action can save a life.


Talia Gibbs

Bellwether School

Three reasons not to build a wall

Donald Trump should not be building a wall for the following reasons:

There are Mexicans who live near the border and work in America.

The statue of Liberty brings a message that says “Hello, welcome to America!” The wall says, “Do not enter!”

He will be wasting money he could use to save people.

This ends my analysis. Farewell.


Behto Torres

Bellwether School

Community should help

We have a problem. As Donald Trump is president, refugees are being banned from America. Walls are being drawn. We are having problems. We can have retribution. And, all of the human race should have proper rights. If anyone could help, it is us as a community.

Windsor Hoopes

Bellwether School

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