January 23, 2020

Letters to the Editor

An F-35 wake up call

The recent “Wings Over Vermont” air show in Burlington that featured the USAF F-16 Thunderbirds exhibition team should be a profound wake up call to all the affected Chittenden County residents who were impacted by the intense noise levels and low level passes over their homes and neighborhoods.

Up until now, many of you may have been shielded from the worst of the effects of military jets roaring over your community. But when the F-35s arrive in Vermont in 2019, they will be four times louder than the current F-16s and you will not be able to hide from the assault on your and your family’s senses, health and tranquility, or protect them from potentially catastrophic crash consequences.

If you are not willing to accept the scenario of paying some of the highest real estate prices and property taxes in Vermont to live in Chittenden County, while having to suffer from the kinds of noise impact that you heard this weekend (and worse!), please donate today to the Stop the F-35 Coalition at StoptheF35.com. If you are not familiar with the issues of the F-35s in Vermont, the website offers a wealth of information about the projected negative effects of the future F-35 basing.

Eileen Andreoli

Sometimes a thank you is not enough

When you walk into a place of business, they usually greet you with a smile. But what I have seen behind these smiles, have a genuine Big Heart!

Some say, “Here comes trouble!” because I like to instigate and they think it’s funny. I like to make them laugh and it makes their day.

I enjoy joking and laughing with them. No matter how I am feeling, I leave with a smile. Knowing they like me and that they do care. I am fortunate to have them as my friends!

Rite Aid: Stacey, Karon, Joe

Sunoco: Sue, Ally, Gene, Allysha

P.S. Williston Police Department. Sgt. Scott Graham and many other police officers. They are polite and do a great job. They deserve everyone’s respect!

Joanne Martel

Poem in memory of Hurricane Irene

Editor’s note: Ginger Isham submitted this poem in memory of the landfall on Aug. 29, 2011, of Hurricane Irene, which left devastation in its path in many parts of Vermont. We are running one of three poems submitted by the writer and her introduction.

When Irene came through Vermont and affected so many lives, I wrote the following verses for the victims of Irene:

Cry For Help

Would you stay with me in a field of stone

Now my house is gone would you stay with me

If my feet are caked with mud from the land

Would you wash them clean with your gentle hands

Would you stay with me beyond the rushing stream

And offer to help re-build my dream

And comfort me in my time of need

Would you stay with me, would you stay indeed

Would you stay with me when I’m down and out

Bring me hope and erase my doubts

Give me strength just to meet each day

When all my thoughts have lost their way

Would you clothe me in garments new

Feed my soul while I cling to you

Wipe the tears away from my weary eyes

Until I can see more bright blue skies

Ginger Isham

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