Letters to the Editor

Veteran’s medical expertise not to be underestimated

Thank you for the heartwarming story on the reunion of two Navy veterans (Observer, June 9). However, I must take issue with Mr. Wilson’s response when he was asked if he was a doctor and he replied “not even close.”

As a Navy physician who served six years on active-duty, I had the privilege of working closely with several hospital corpsman.

These heroes are in fact very close to being doctors. They work independently in some of the most challenging situations and frequently exhibit the kind of superior medical intuition, expert clinical skills and ingenuity that Mr. Wilson showed onboard the U.S.S. Gary. Mr. Wilson earned the title ‘Doc’ because he was exactly that.

Katherine A. Wayman, MD

Library needs help for July 4 sale

The Friends of the Dorothy Alliing Memorial Library are in the final planning stages for the annual Fourth of July book sale.

We need help!  On Saturday, July 2, from 8 a.m. to noon, we need volunteers to set up tables in the school gym, move boxes of books from the library to the gym and to set the books out on the tables.

On Sunday, July 3 from 4 to 6 p.m., we need volunteers to work at the book sale as helpers, cashiers and book counters. Book counters tally up large numbers of books that people buy to keep the cashier lines moving smoothly.

On Monday, July 4 from 9-11:30 a.m. and from 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m., we need volunteers to work at the book sale as helpers, cashiers and book counters.

And we especially need help on Monday, July 4 from 2 to 4 p.m., when we box up any books that didn’t sell, break down the tables and clean up the gym.

Please call or email Marti at the library to help with any of these times, at 878-4918 or Or you can stop by in person to sign up. Last year, we had a big turnout when we asked for help – we hope that the community responds again to our requests!

Ann Park
Secretary, Treasurer
Friends of the Library, Williston

Dawn Ellis announces Senate run 

I am announcing my candidacy for one of six Chittenden District seats in the Vermont State Senate. It’s a privilege to invite people to join in our democracy by placing me on the ballot so I might serve our state. My campaign aims to connect with people where they are. I invite conversations about how to support and empower the people of Vermont, so we seize the day and position for tomorrow. My campaign has had a great start, collecting more than double the required 100 signatures from across the county. I believe at this time of changing leadership in Montpelier, I can bring grassroots Vermont experience, national expertise and fresh perspectives to the capitol. With a deep understanding of social justice and inclusion, design thinking and a researcher’s critical eye, I will work with the legislative community to position Vermont for a thriving, sustainable future. A mother of twins, I live in Burlington with my 11-year old sons, and my spouse John Novotny.

My main positions are as follows: I believe in developing the capacity of Vermont’s people, the quality of its community life and the capability of its small businesses. Like many of you, I share a vision of Vermont based on three “BIG” priorities. I will work to:

Build healthy communities, using sustainability as a lens to plan for human-scale development, people-powered transportation, while investing in the wellness of people, families and the environment.

Include all voices: Good policy starts with listening, especially to voices often left out or left behind, whether because of background, money, ability, belief or family situation.

Grow the innovation economy by building infrastructure that supports vibrant creative centers, cradle to grave learning opportunities, and ways for people to connect, so our communities thrive in a changing world. 

At a time when fear, hatred and abuse of power stream through the news, I must stand up.  I rise to speak out for the dignity, beauty, and possibility each of us possesses. I value humanity. I believe in our potential, at every point in life. I know our society will benefit when we can all contribute more fully.  

Dawn Ellis