February 21, 2020

Letters to the Editor

Is this the last year of the Fourth of July
book sale? 

If the Friends of the Library don’t get more volunteers to help with the book sale, we can’t continue to sponsor it. We sort, set up and sell thousands of books each year. The money made at the book sale benefits library programs.

However, without more help, we can’t go on!

Specifically, we need help on July 2 from 8 a.m. to noon. We move the books from the library to the gym in the school. Once in the gym, the books are put out on tables.

We also need help at the book sale on July 4 from 9-11 a.m. or 11-2 p.m.

And we especially need help repacking the books that don’t sell from 2-4 p.m. on July 4.

Consider helping as a family volunteer project or as a member of the Williston community who wants to see the book sale continue.

Let’s not let this 45+ year Fourth of July book sale disappear. Can you please consider helping out with the book sale?

Call the library at 878-4918, stop by or email marti@library.vt.us to volunteer.

Ann Park

Friends of the Dorothy Alling Memorial Library

Beacons are useful

Last week, I noticed several letters to the editor claiming the planned crosswalk beacons are not good for Williston. As a student at Williston Central who crosses Williston Road at the Old Brick Church to get to school every day, I disagree. I think these beacons would be highly beneficial to Williston, making a safer environment for everyone.

These letters claimed the beacons would be a waste of money because they wouldn’t be used. I think this statement is incorrect, because there is a large number of kids under 16 living in Williston Village who want to get around town without driving. An argument I saw was that the crosswalk beacons on Old Stage Road are never used. I disagree, because a lot of kids in Williston Village like to bike or walk over to friend’s houses in Southridge, using the Old Stage Road crosswalk. Additionally, many kids walk to school and I think that it’s our right to be able to safely walk to school. I myself have experienced cars whizzing through the crosswalk when I’m on it. This is against the law and even though a beacon wouldn’t enforce the law, it would help people in cars see pedestrians on the crosswalk.

Another argument I saw was “These monstrosities do not belong in a small, historic community,” and “Please do not destruct the beauty, tradition and delight we hold in the picturesque community we have here in the town of Williston.” I think this is an invalid opinion because it’s suggesting that how things look is everything. Sure, no one’s going to drive by and say “What a beautiful crosswalk beacon!” but the safety of everyone, especially the Williston kids who walk to school, is much more important than appearances.

Celia Cote, 12

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