Letters to the Editor

Adopt a dog

Hello. My name is Noah Lemieux and I am a volunteer at All Breed Rescue. We are all really trying as hard as we can to get some of the dogs here at ABR adopted. They are loving animals that just need attention, love and especially a home and a new family.

There are many types of dogs here from small to big, thin fur to majorly hairy. Some strong, some lazy. I have already walked a few dogs and I have made a few friends I will say. I’m sure you will, too.

Come down to All Breed Rescue VT today on Industrial Ave. and pick up your new friend today!

Noah Lemieux

Health care thoughts

I sat in at the Vermont Statehouse on Jan. 8 for universal healthcare. It was an amazing and empowering experience to see the unity and solidarity of so many people all standing together. We stood together with one vision for healthcare for all and for a world where everyone’s needs are met. I feel strongly that we in Vermont are closer to an equitable healthcare system than anyone in the U.S. has ever been. With a vision of the world we want to live in guiding us, we will continue to walk this path of democracy and social justice. We will walk this road through all the challenges and roadblocks, to find our way to Healthcare is a Human Right. Vermont CAN lead the nation.

Anna Gebhardt