April 20, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Thank you to fire department

We would to thank the Williston Fire Department for saving our house which caught fire on the evening of Aug. 2. Luckily, no one was harmed. Fire Chief Ken Morton, Ryan Prouty and the crew acted efficiently to extinguish the fire. We are grateful for their professionalism and kindness through that difficult night and in the aftermath of the fire.

Hannah Rabin and Gil Theriault


Vote Cafferty for sheriff

My friend, Ed Cafferty, is a Democratic candidate for sheriff of Chittenden County.

Chittenden County residents want a strong leader for today’s challenges. He will be that leader, speaking out on the serious crime issues facing us. His vision of the job of sheriff is quite different from the incumbent. Ed Cafferty is a leader.

Ed has pointed out in editorials and speeches that the most serious crime challenge facing us is the increased illegal drug problem invading Chittenden County. The governor in his State of the State Address described heroin as a $2 million a week business in Vermont. The governor has proposed more intervention and treatment programs. Ed fully supports these programs. He has also been a spokesperson for more police to combat the surge in drugs coming into Vermont. Ed wants to do more to keep our children, neighbors, businesses and friends safe.

Ed will:

Focus the sheriff’s resources on the heroin crisis.

Establish a Home Safety Program that will offer homeowners a risk assessment of their home to burglaries.

Develop a Safe Business Program that will give suggestions to businesses on how to combat criminal activity.

Support universal background checks for gun purchases.

Create the Chittenden County Sheriff’s Office Community Advisory Committee made up of people from the community to provide oversight and program development.

The present sheriff has no female deputies working for him. Ed will make it a priority to hire women deputy sheriffs!

Ed will bring his many years of work experience with the Vermont State Police, state government administration and Champlain College teaching criminal justice courses to the job of sheriff.

For all of these reasons and more, I am voting Ed Cafferty for sheriff of Chittenden County in the Aug. 26 primary!

Ted Kenney


Vote Corren

On Aug. 26 (or before, if I decide to vote early), I’ll be writing in Dean Corren for lieutenant governor. Dean is a Progressive, but can be written in on any primary ballot. In his four terms in the Vermont legislature, Dean was a leader on single payer health care, marriage equality and energy efficiency/renewable energy. He had a 100 percent pro-labor voting record. Currently, Dean is an entrepreneur and the inventor of a hydrokinetic wave turbine sustainable energy project. I’m excited to be able to support him. The primaries are important and the office of lieutenant governor is too. Don’t forget to vote!

Elizabeth Skarie


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