May 27, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Cafferty runs for sheriff

My name is Ed Cafferty and I am a Democratic candidate for sheriff of Chittenden County.
These are challenging times in law enforcement. Chittenden County residents want a strong leader for today’s challenges. I will be that leader, speaking out on the serious crime issues facing us. My vision of the job of sheriff is quite different from the incumbent. First, it is about leadership.
Probably the most serious challenge of all is the increased illegal drug problem invading Chittenden County. The governor in his State of the State address described heroin as a $2 million-a-week business in Vermont. He has proposed more intervention and treatment programs. I fully support these programs. However, I have been a spokesperson for more police to combat the surge in drugs coming into Vermont. We need to send a message to drug dealers that Vermont law enforcement will be coming after them.
We need to do more to keep our children, neighbors, businesses and friends safe.
I will establish a Home Safety Program that will offer homeowners a risk assessment of their home to burglaries. Also I will develop a Safe Business Program, which will give suggestions to businesses on how to combat criminal activity.
I support universal background checks for gun purchases.
I plan is to create the Chittenden County Sheriff’s Office Community Advisory Committee, made up of people from the community to provide oversight and program development.
I will bring my experience working for the Vermont State Police, state government administration and many years teaching criminal justice courses at Champlain College to the job of sheriff.
It is time to have a Chittenden County sheriff who will provide leadership for today’s challenges!

Ed Cafferty
Open letter to governor

Governor Shumlin,
As a Vermonter, I take an interest in what is going on in the state I grew up in.  I still live here, where a vote during the last legislative session made medical marijuana legal. My present concern has to do with the very idea of legalizing “recreational marijuana.”
As they say, the devil is in the details. I am deeply concerned that Vermont will become a magnet for marijuana tourists from other states, as well as vagrants from across the country. The Canadians will likely want to consume the product while here since they would be arrested at the border if found to be carrying marijuana. This all makes driving on Vermont’s highways a lot less safe. I fear more terrible accidents will occur on Vermont roads due to driving under the influence of pot. Not only this, but I believe auto insurance premiums will be increased dramatically for Vermont drivers in anticipation of increased accidents by insurance companies.
Another concern I have is that marijuana-laced food will be consumed by children and the unsuspecting as some sort of misguided joke. State legalization of marijuana begins to normalize its consumption and predictably leads to further use of catastrophic drugs, which you recently expressed great concern about in your State of the State address.
I hope that you will take time to observe the states that have legalized marijuana before plunging into a very dangerous unknown.

Martin V. Thompson

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