April 20, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Thank you to our donors
The Champlain Valley Hawks wrestling team just completed its third very successful season. We attended many events in state and out of state, our kids wrestled hard and proud. We couldn’t have done it without the support of our wrestling family, parents, coaches and donors. We are looking forward to another successful season 2014/2015. Your contributions helped make us successful, Thank you very much, from the coaches and wrestlers.
Debra Brown

Thanks to EMTs
Once again, unforeseen circumstances, namely a post-midnight unscheduled unwanted trip to the ER at the main campus of FAHC, made me aware of how fortunate we are to have such a fine organization as the local EMT service.
They are totally professional in their actions to the smallest detail. They functioned as a coherent unit at all times. They make the welfare of the client their chief and sole concern. I was never for a moment uncomfortable while I was in their keep, whether I was being carried down a flight of narrow steep stairs that runs from the condo’s second story to ground level or answering their questions.
I took note in addition after arriving at the ER that the clothes that they wore were pressed and clean, which was not the case with the members of some other EMT units that were bringing clients to FAHC on that Wednesday night.
If you notice the members of this fine organization raising funds, I suggest you join me in supporting their fine work.
Dan Wolfe
South Burlington

Bellwether students present projects
Local fourth, fifth and sixth graders at the Bellwether School in Williston came together on Friday, May 30, to present their “Personal Interest Projects” to parents, teachers and fellow students. The “PIPs,” as they are affectionately known, are the culmination of months of work by each student. Garin Samuelson, teacher in the Elementary 2 classroom, introduced the event and talked poignantly about how even though each research project was an individual piece, the students were incredibly supportive of each other. The camaraderie was evident as the classmates took turns introducing each other, helping each other set up audio-visual equipment, and one student even showcased the work of her peer who was out sick that day and couldn’t present his own project.
Topics that were covered were as diverse as the students themselves. There are no restrictions on what to research or how to present. Most of the class chose to do a poster board style presentation and an essay, but there were also 3D displays, artwork, slide shows and props. Sara Fernandez Young wrote an essay about American born dancer Maria Tallchief. She also presented a poster board and a video about her own dance experience highlighting that after eight years of formal dance instruction she is now able to dance “en pointe.”
Alissa Collins presented a complex research piece about psychology with highlights on brain chemicals and separation anxiety in children. Kelly Malone-Wolfsun wrote a passionate essay about orca whales and how they shouldn’t be kept in captivity. Maya Desautels brought in her dog and told the story of how Zoe suffered from “broken wag” syndrome. Other projects were done on foxes and wolves, spirit animals, and, of course, the obligatory exploding volcano courtesy of Karina Berlin.
Julie DeCuypere
South Burlington

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