April 24, 2017

Letters to the Editor

Respect for Williston school staff
This letter is written to the parents of children attending Williston Central School. I will attempt to express an experience I had on April 16. It was during the lunch break, at about 12:15 p.m. that the fire alarm sounded. Within seconds of the sounding alarm, I witnessed the organized procession of students ushered safely from the building. As we gathered outside on this cold April day, the alarm continued to bring to our attention the seriousness of the situation. As it became apparent that the alarm was not a drill, the staff moved the children further from the building. We waited in the cold; the offering of sweatshirts and jackets from the staff comforted some of the children only in shirtsleeves. Another group of children was dancing in place to keep warm, staff was rubbing the backs and arms of other children, staving off the cold. And then there was the group hug as staff surrounded the young children huddled from the frigid air. I am impressed with the teachers, teacher’s aides, the food service workers and the school in general with the safe efficient response to the sounding alarm. It is with respect that I am prompted to write this letter and to inform the parents that your children are well taken care of.
Leo Leach

Editor’s note: A faulty smoke detector triggered the alarm. It was a superfluous detector left over from a previous system, and was next to a new smoke detector.


  1. youngvt says:

    I am writing in response to Mr. Hoxworth’s article on transportation costs for the poor in Vermont. I would like to suggest further research on this topic before we simply just give another handout or tax credit. The poor, may, have a higher disproportionate burden on their transportation costs than the wealthier residents of Vermont; however, they also have a lower disproportionate burden on taxes and housing. Pick your evil.
    We can simply just give every poor Vermonter an energy efficient car, gas card, free tuition, renter’s rebate, etc.…but the only way out of poverty is through the combination of education, hard work, and discipline. Education and degrees are not handed out or purchased; a person has to EARN them. This seems to be the only way out of poverty—sorry, there are no shortcuts.
    If we continue this trend of enabling, our entire state will be a welfare state.

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