May 26, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Thanks for the support
Once again, the voters of Williston have supported the school budget. Great thanks go out to all of you who took the time to vote, and especially everyone who was involved in the budgeting process.
Special thanks go out to our teachers. Enough cannot be said about their creativity, flexibility and resourcefulness. The impact of the changes in this year’s budget will affect them all, some more than others. So thank you all for the wonderful work you do. Three cheers for the administrators who have created a collegial environment among teachers and staff that made the task of putting this budget together possible. Last but not least, thanks to those of you who were in any way involved in the process. No matter how minor you think your contribution was, please know that it was much appreciated. Whether you took the time to talk to one of the school board members at the store, sent out an email or a text message with your suggestions, posted your thoughts on Facebook, attended a school board meeting or devoted hours of family time as a one of our “budget buddies” – we truly appreciate your involvement.
We are grateful for the strong community support. We recognize that voter support of our schools is earned, and that it comes with an obligation to deliver world-class education to our children. We acknowledge that we need to set the bar high for what we expect our children to learn today, so that they can become successful and productive members of society tomorrow. We know that we have to hold ourselves accountable for their academic achievement, and for motivating them to realize their full potential. Achieving excellence is hard work. But we owe that much to both our community who endorsed us in this recent election, and to our children, who are our future.
So thank you all again for your support. We pledge to continue to work hard to earn it.
-Kevin Brochu
Williston School District Board

Bruce Farm a brilliant opportunity
Thank you for the article regarding the potential conservation of the Bruce Farm. I would like to emphasize how brilliant an opportunity this is for our town.
As sprawl gobbles up more of Hinesburg and spreads along the periphery of Williston, this is a chance to keep open some of the farmland that defines Vermont’s character, maintain a wildlife corridor and expand the best natural trail system in Williston: connecting Five Tree Hill to the Isham Farm.
These trails, once protected, will bring pleasure to generations of our townspeople.
Preserving this farm also protects Allen Brook and various vanishing Vermont bird species.
As a town, let’s support this with all our enthusiasm!
-Page Hudson

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