May 22, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Thanks to rec coaches

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the coaches of the Williston 5/6 Girls Rec Basketball Team for a successful season. In a climate where success is often measured by numbers in the win column, this success was based on something much more meaningful.

Due to an unexpected issue at the Recreation Department, the girls were left off the season’s game schedule. After speaking with parents and bearing the brunt of some dissatisfaction, these VOLUNTEER coaches worked on our girls’ behalf to schedule games outside the regular schedule. Because of this extra time and effort, and with help from the Williston Central School physical education teachers and members of the Recreation Department, the girls were able to play every weekend, either against another town or in a team scrimmage format. They separately secured refs for these games, and if they were unable, they officiated the games themselves.

We are most thankful that our Williston 5/6 coaches had the correct focus for this level of play. While teaching the fundamentals of the game and injecting strategy into the practices, they managed to inspire a love of the game amongst these girls. The players not only had fun, but learned to work together as a team. They were able to leave the season with not only their self-esteem intact, but with a deepened understanding of the game and a sparked interest in the sport. Our girls are all well positioned to take these skills to the next level, for hopefully an equally successful season next year.

Thank you Kathleen Ray, Lynn Reagan and Bob Miller. Your dedication to our girls is so very much appreciated.  We are quite lucky to have them on your team.

—Kelly & Matt DeSantos



Proposed budget

After having reviewed the proposed budget this year I have only one thing to say, and that is that spending in the town is out of control. I have far too many questions/issues with this budget than I can detail in this letter, but will be bringing them up at Town Meeting March 3.  In short, I believe that Williston has become very complacent relative to the fiscal process. There appears to be a lack of leadership in the process as the proposed spending increases on material line items range from 3 percent to 17 percent. In case the town bureaucracy isn’t aware we have been dealing with deflationary forces for the past five years, not inflationary pressures.

I sincerely hope that all the voters in Williston turn out on Meeting Day to send a loud message that the proposed budget is unacceptable. I am confident that the cumulative intellect of those that show up can, and will make a difference for the good of all that reside in the wonderful town of Williston.

— Tom Parker


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