May 27, 2018

Letters to the editor

Right about technology

Ginger Isham’s letter on too much technology (Jan. 16, 2014) is right on! Technology is great for writing documents (do not need White Out), doing powerful analysis (faster and saves lead pencils and erasers), sending information to others (saves postage—sorry Post Office, but at least I do still send entries to Publishers Clearing House), talking to and seeing my granddaughter from a distance (Skype) and helping business succeed.

Technology can also be annoying.

In a restaurant it destroys the atmosphere for others. Browsing the web—is it really factual information? I have 20 options each on my washer and dryer and seven on my toaster! Holy cow! My father is probably rolling over in his grave.

Be sociable: talk to people rather than gluing your face to technology. Oh, and the law says two hands on the wheel when driving.

Perhaps it is good that we can do a lot more now with technology, but I feel I need a driver’s license to use much of it. User guides? Essentially nonexistent. Get eye strain instead while you read it on your computer.

I worked in technology for 40 years, thus know its power. Technology certainly has its place. In many ways, technology has improved our lives. Yet, in other ways, its use is destroying us as a social society. It reminds me of a song from several years ago, “In the Year 2525.”

Roger Crouse
Williston and Essex


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