June 23, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Pick up dog poop bags

I am observing a new trend in regard to how some dog owners/walkers are discarding their poop bags along the path and sidewalks of Williston.

I have been retrieving pink and dark green plastic poop bags from the tall grass areas (parallel to North Williston Road between Michael Lane and Two Acre Farm), tree limbs and the woods in various areas around Pleasant Acres Drive and Jensen Road. I have also picked up numerous bags in the wooded areas of the running path along the baseball fields and the other loops.

I am guessing these people believe that their “disposable” poop bags will simply disintegrate magically and it will not matter.  This is incorrect. I have “tested” the so-called disposable dog poop bags and they do not break down rapidly. I have been conducting a very unscientific test of three bags that I have in a hole in the woods that are still holding their form after THREE years!

As a Williston resident AND an avid dog lover, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not continue to just fling your scooped poop and bag into our natural areas. It is unsightly and it will not magically decompose any time soon.

Sue Roberts


Consider giving to St. George Schoolhouse

We all receive many letters and info on giving to charitable causes this time of year. Many of them are yearly and ongoing needs from year to year. Of course, it is not possible to participate in helping all of them with a donation.

I would like to suggest this year a donation to the St. George Historic and Conservation Trust for the completion of restoring the Little Red Schoolhouse for the citizens of St. George. Their town center is beginning to become a reality. Perhaps one or more people would like to donate the $2,000 for the bathroom or $3,000 for the kitchen or $5,000 for the furnace.

There are many other expenses that will need to be raised through donations or fundraising to finish the inside of schoolhouse, but these seem to be three key important ones with definite cost to the SGHCT.

Thank you.

Ginger Isham


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