May 28, 2018

Letters to the Editor

November 7th, 2013

Buccaneer cheerleaders start an old tradition 

What is football season without cheerleaders? Whether in the stands or on the field, cheerleaders are part of our sports culture. It’s a tradition that somehow has gotten lost over the past few decades in parts of the country.

Cheerleading is no longer a girly thing of the past. It is a strenuous, competitive, athletic and SCARY sport that, in many places around the country, includes guys as well. The strength, athleticism and coordination that cheer involves are astounding!

Four years ago, cheerleading was started at Champlain Valley Union High School. In an effort to build a base of kids that know something about cheer before they get to CVU, we decided to build a cheer program to support the CSSU Buccaneer Football program. This fall, 10 girls from the CSSU district joined the inaugural team. They range from fifth to eighth grade and represent every town in the district. We were thankful to have the support of the Buccaneer program, not only through financial support to help us through our first year, but also its vocal support and compliments as the girls cheered on their team.  We hope to build this program next year in order to have a 5-6 team and a 7-8 team. We are looking for interested girls, boys and parents who would like to get involved and help. Please contact me at for more information or visit for more on the football program.

— Jill Gorman





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