May 25, 2018

Letters to the Editor

October 31, 2013

Vote Yes on Nov. 5

I am writing to express my support of the upcoming bond vote on Nov. 5 for athletic field improvements at Champlain Valley Union High School. I have been involved with coaching on the youth level in Williston for over ten years. During this time I have had the pleasure of watching my children grow and mature as they played on numerous sports teams and I have seen the positive influence that participating in sports can have in motivating students to excel academically.

I believe that a student’s education must be well rounded in academics, the arts and physical activity. Students at CVU currently have outstanding academic and arts/theater facilities. However students on sports teams at CVU are routinely negatively impacted due to lack of safe practice and competition fields, which are quickly impacted with even a minimal level of wet weather. It is now time with the athletic field improvement project to provide the equivalent level of quality to the athletic experience.

This project, which will result in no net increase to our school taxes, will serve our students well for years to come and be a significant enhancement to our community. I would encourage you to get out and vote Yes on Nov. 5!

Chris Long


In support of turf fields

The current fields at Champlain Valley Union High School require major work and maintenance in order to provide a safe and playable surface for athletes and community members of all ages. Fall and spring weather conditions in Vermont coupled with the clay soil at CVU have forced team practices and games to be cancelled or relocated, often at a cost to the school. What a waste to have fields that cannot be used. What a waste of money to attempt to repair existing fields for a temporary “fix” that will not support the needs of the high school athletic program or community, only to spend more money down the road. The reality of New England weather is driving many local and regional communities, high schools and colleges to consider turf fields… as sustainable, safe and reliable fields are in high demand.

A major fundraising effort in our community continues, where pledges, donations, and grants exceed $450,000 toward the Turf Field project. A hard-working, enthusiastic committee and fundraising team have put a great deal into bringing this project to fruition. I commend the community group for offering informational sessions, preparing flyers, print ads, organizing fundraisers and including detailed facts about the project on the website.

I encourage all Williston voters to make an informed decision about the specifics of the Turf Field Project—including the findings of the independent consulting and engineering firm, the cost to implement the project and the many uses and benefits that will come to the entire community with a YES vote.

I am voting YES on Tuesday, Nov. 5 for the CVU bond in support of the Turf Fields Project and hope you will, too.

Cathy Kohlasch


Vote Yes for turf

The CVU boys varsity soccer team finished the fall 2013 regular season in first place. Remarkably, the boys did so without the issuance of a single yellow or red penalty card against any member of the team during the entire season. Also noteworthy is this high level of achievement despite substandard facilities. As a result of finishing the season in first place, CVU will enjoy home field advantage during the playoffs. Sadly, given the condition of the field, home field is more of an impediment than an advantage at CVU. If you’ve been to a game lately, you’ve watched our athletes struggle to simply maintain their footing on the field, experience dangerous collisions with other players as a result of poor conditions, and experience the frustration of an otherwise well-executed play disrupted by the uneven and unpredictable surface. Our students deserve safe, accessible facilities that will allow them to maximize their potential as athletes. Vote yes for turf on Nov. 5.

Kerry Castano


Schoolhouse tour
a success

Although it was a windy, cold Saturday afternoon, 30 people arrived at the St. George Schoolhouse for a tour of the renovations of the building and the addition. On the northwest side, a new L-shaped addition will house a handicap bathroom, kitchen, furnace room with storage for folding chairs and tables, a library, computer room for students and adults and an alcove for the town’s history. There will be a handicap ramp also installed on the northwest side. The original side with kitchen and shed had to be removed before the schoolhouse move as it had deteriorated and was unable to be saved. The main classroom will be restored to its original look and feel.

It was an exciting afternoon with the buzz of conversations of former students of the school sharing stories as they sampled local cider and donuts.

A list of volunteers was on display, for without them, the present work would not have been accomplished.

We have to thank our major financial donors who have made it possible for us to fulfill the dream of creating a town center for the people of St. George.

Our future goal is to raise the remaining $38,000 to complete the project in time for the towns March 2014 town meeting.

Thank you everyone!

Ginger Isham for the Board of the St. George Schoolhouse


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