May 24, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Library not planning to expand

On Sept. 5 the Observer printed a front-page article about the library which was factually correct and well written (“LIBRARY SURVEY: more space wanted”). However, it had an unfortunate choice of words for the headline. I felt the need to correct the mis-perception caused by that headline after several people said that they had read that the library was preparing for an expansion. The library is NOT preparing to ask for an expansion of its building, nor will it be doing so in the next few years.

Yes, the library needs more space for certain services. However, the library’s intent is to reconfigure the existing space. We will essentially rearrange the furniture to make the existing space more efficient. We will do so based on statistics regarding our various services and feedback gathered from the public with the assistance of an interior space consultant.

You will find the correct information if you read the entire article, or at the least the third to the last paragraph. An online copy can be found in the Observer archives at

A larger building may be needed in the future as the town’s population and library usage continues to grow. But, not now.

Marti Fiske
Director, Dorothy Alling Memorial Library


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