March 19, 2019

Letters to the Editor

Many, many thanks

It goes without saying that Williston is an amazing community, a community of helpers, givers and doers. I am reminded of this generosity every day and especially when our community responds as it always does to those in need.

THANK YOU to the all the incredible businesses and individuals who stepped up to make sure the shelves at the Williston Community Food Shelf were restocked after a very busy summer that depleted our resources more than usual. Your response to the article the Observer ran a few weeks ago (“Food Shelf undernourished,” Aug. 29, 2013) has left us in awe of this community’s generosity and support. I can’t name everyone by name who donated, as there are so many, but on behalf of myself, the board of directors and all our amazing volunteers who live and breathe this mission, we are incredibly grateful.

In addition, we would like to thank Officer Travis “Chowder Masta” Trybulski, mastermind and lead organizer of the Williston Chowder Challenge, as well as all the other officers who gave of their time and energy to pull off the third successful year of this fun and tasty event. And we can’t forget all our sponsors big and small. This event would not be possible without you!

Cathy Michaels
President, Williston
Community Food Shelf Board  


Library needs
more space

We are fortunate to have a wonderful library in town that is growing with need for more space. I wonder if it is time to think of another library building such as in the Allen Brook School area. To enlarge the present building would take away more of the village green. The green is important enough to save for our band concerts and July Fourth activities as well as other happenings throughout the calendar year.

There is also a parking problem now, with school and library events that happen at the same time. People attending school events on the weekend park in front of the library and leave library patrons with less parking. Perhaps a library near Allen could be geared to a certain age group of people or offer a special service that would differentiate it from the present library. That is, maybe move some special services to a new library building.

Ginger Isham

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