September 26, 2018

Letters to the Editor


Retired firefighter Linwood Osborne (God bless his soul) called me out of the blue asking to do a memorial procession in honor of our father, Edward Roberts. “Mr. Ed,” as he was well known, was one of the original founders of the Williston Volunteer Fire Department. Linwood Osborne and Ernie Gaudette are the last of the original volunteer fireman. From the church, Linwood, Michael Adams and Michael Lizotte carried our father’s remains and the American flag to the front seat of honor in the truck #201 they drove way back when. We proceeded to have a police escort (as he was a sheriff, as well) from St. John Vianney Church to the Fire Department in Williston, where he received a final farewell from all of the firefighters of Williston. They placed his remains in front of the firehouse along with a uniform and hat, then they rang the bell for him for one final time (flags were flown at half mast). The Boy Scouts also were standing at attention when truck 201 rounded the corner of the firehouse and continued until his remains were gone from the firehouse. Linwood helped us send our father off with the honor and respect that he deserved! On a perfect Vermont morning, our father was laid to rest to an Honor Guard from Camp Johnson (MSgt. Dan Landry, Sgt. Tim Graves and Sgt. John Curtis) in private burial. A big thank you for the Williston Fire, Police and the South Burlington Police for helping us at such a short notice!

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