Letters to the Editor

Elect Rich Westman, VEC Board

I’d appreciate your vote for the Vermont Electric Cooperative’s board.

My family joined VEC at the beginning—1938. My grandmother was so excited about VEC she bought an electric washer 10 months before electricity eventually came to the farm. Raised on that farm, I kept an eagle eye on costs.

Today, affordability requires VEC to carefully choose its power sources and master Vermont’s regulatory and legislative processes. We also must wisely integrate renewables while respecting our environment. A longtime legislator and former VEC employee, I understand these technical, regulatory and policy issues. Plus, I have always been responsive to those I represent. When our farm lost power, we always knew whom we could call. As your board member, you’ll always be able to call me. (802.644.2297 or

Information on voting, including online voting, can be found here:

Rich Westman