August 22, 2019

Letters to the Editor

Thoughts on iPads

I am also against our fifth and sixth (and seventh and eighth) grade students being given iPads.

My thoughts are: our high school students are not given iPads. Do all other schools in our county give them to students? How does one control how the iPads are used other than for schoolwork? Technology is moving too fast and is too costly—especially for some families.

No matter the number of students, education costs keep increasing. We have to control our household budgets—the same goes for school budgets.

I wonder why we don’t eliminate computers, etc. from our kindergarten and elementary grades? It has been proven that any age, any time can pick up computer skills. Why are cell phones allowed in school?

We have a problem with alcohol and drug addiction and now computer addiction. When families go shopping, out to eat, to visit family and friends, the computer gadgets are always in hand. Children are entertained with these gadgets. Adults also have become addicted to instant contact. And what happened to family time?

Responsibility children and adults had in the past has been taken away. It bothers me to read the words “we need a budget that doesn’t harm our children.” A little harm can be beneficial. We learn much from hard work and life’s lessons.

I notice big increases in the budget such as:

Professional development up 24.61 percent

Supplies up 23 percent

Early Learning Partnership up 14.70 percent

Equipment up 40.97 percent

Last year’s budget had its large increases also:

Co-curricular activities increased by 13.94 percent

Support Services increased by 23.15 percent

504 Plans increased by 13.03 percent

Early Learning Partnerships increased by 15.70 percent

Ginger Isham



Ski and Ride thank you 

We would like to extend a thank you to all involved in the ski and ride program. To all the volunteer parents on skis/boards or off, thank you for your time. We so appreciate the time you gave to help make the program a success. We hope you had fun and will consider helping again next year—don’t be afraid to bring a friend.

To the student instructors, you were awesome. You continued to work to be great instructors with smiles on your faces, thank you. To Cid Gause, Cindy Pavlik, Amy Benoit and Kim Richburg, your record-keeping and communication is a critical piece that we are so happy we do not have to do, thank you. And to the skiers and riders, you were fabulous. We were able to ski and ride on a different surface each week. What a great experience that was. You represented Williston Central School so well at Cochran’s and Stowe. Thank you. We hope you had as much fun as we did.

Thank You.

We look forward to skiing and riding with you next year.

Program organizers Sam Beatson, Nadine Paffet-Lugassy, Lynn McClintock, Kevin Finnegan

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