Letters to the Editor

School budget defeat

I don’t remember not voting for a school budget anywhere before our legislature passed Act 60.

I have not voted for one since.

Act 68 failed to improve Act 60.

I am strong for every one of our children to have a good education. I am also strong for property rights fairness.

Act 60/68 and our modern zoning practices are destroying Vermont values.

Jean Brown


School district must change goal

The defeat of the Williston School District budget at Town Meeting centered on the Board’s proposal to provide iPads to middle school students. This is but a small part of a larger problem—not just with the budget, but with the education goals that the board embraces.

The WCS principal stated that a main purpose of education at the school is to provide students with access to information “twenty-four/seven.” That is a flawed goal.

The purpose of elementary and middle school education should be to teach English, mathematics, science, history, the arts, foreign language, Euro/American culture and the responsibilities of citizenship. Teaching students how to access information should be done only incidentally to assist teaching those subjects. Until the School District changes its fundamental goal, every budget will be unworthy of approval.

Bret Powell


CVU board members thank voters

Many thanks to all Williston voters for supporting the CVU budget: the Williston members of the CVU Board are grateful for the continuing support of our community for our school and our students. CVU provides great academic programs, a wide variety of co-curricular activities and a myriad of options for our Williston students and the students from the other towns in the district. Our jobs as Williston members of the board are made easier by your support and we are able to spend more of our time focusing on making our high school even better!

Thanks again for the support.

CVU board members Jeanne Jensen, Polly Malik, Jonathan Milne, David Rath