May 21, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Family gives thanks

Upon the recent death of Everett Tatro of Williston, the family wishes to express a grateful thank you to the Williston Fire Department, all of the South Burlington municipalities and to all friends and family who were there for us—your thoughts and prayers were greatly appreciated.

The family of Everett Tatro


Issues with our fire department

Our fire trucks are going to Blair Park elderly complexes weekly. Sometimes more than once a day for things like burnt toast or boiling water setting off an alarm that rings directly into the fire station. I understand a different system could be put in so a person on site could check when it goes off and alert the fire department. When Cathedral Square was in charge and owned these buildings, this was not a problem. Today, the owners live in Massachusetts. Where is their responsibility in this situation? Could someone on site or nearby help with this issue? A young person comes in infrequently to leave messages or changes, etc. for the residents but has no interest in this issue.

I also don’t understand why the big trucks need to be sent. Could not a small truck be dispatched to check out the situation and then call for backup if needed?

I also don’t understand why big trucks need to be sent to a house emergency. I have been told it is because manpower may be needed. Can’t manpower come in a small truck? Also, the blaring of sirens can be upsetting to folks nearby who think a major catastrophe is going down, especially for the elderly.

I do understand a fire truck being sent to the scene of a car accident in case of fire.

Every time the trucks go out, taxpayers pay for the service. And the fire department wants to increase its budget?

Ginger Isham


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