May 28, 2020

Letters to the Editor

Turf fields not a luxury

As a parent who has persevered through CVU’s stuttering soccer season, I feel compelled to respond to the misguided facts put forth in the letter (Williston Observer, Nov. 15) regarding the request for a turf field.

The suggestion that coaches are requesting turf as a “luxury” item and have not considered the facts is way off the mark. The current CVU fields have proven unable to support sporting activities in periods of inclement weather, resulting in students having to miss classes (traveling to “home” games) and having to improvise training (e.g. on asphalt in the parking lot).

The request for turf is to simply provide a usable playing surface for our athletes. It is an embarrassment that such an eminent school as CVU is unable to provide such a basic need.

Several arguments in the letter simply bear no relevance to CVU (e.g. the potential for heat exhaustion may be an issue in southern states, but not Vermont) and should have been substantiated prior to publication. Let’s face a simple reality—there is a reason that UVM, St. Mike’s, Burlington and South Burlington have made educated decisions to install turf, and this is a well-established precedent.

By way of context, CVU recently invested in upgrading the auditorium to support the arts. If we were to have posed similar arguments prior, would we have considered it OK for our musicians, dancers, singers and actors to perform rehearsals in the parking lot as our athletes have been forced to do?

Turf field decisions need to be based on relevant and substantiated facts, and whether we as taxpayers wish to provide the level of support that athletes enjoy at other Division 1 schools.

Alan Brown



Learn about adoption

Do you believe every child deserves a family? We do.

Thousands of children in America live day-to-day moving from home to home, without the love and care of permanent families. November is National Adoption Awareness Month and as we celebrate all forms of adoption as a wonderful way to create or extend families, I would like to draw your attention to a very special group of children—right here in America—who desperately need families.

Today, more than 100,000 children are in foster care through no fault of their own as victims of child abuse, neglect or abandonment, and have been permanently removed from their homes. These children urgently need to move from temporary foster homes into permanent, loving, forever families. We aren’t talking about someone else’s children; we are talking about children in our very own Vermont. In Vermont, there are more than 100 children waiting to be adopted.

The need has never been greater. Children often wait five years or more to be adopted, can move three or more times in foster care, and frequently are separated from siblings. And tragically, tens of thousands of children available for adoption turn 18 and leave the system each year without families.

So, we invite the community to learn, donate, adopt and support the work of organizations like the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption that find children in foster care the forever families that they deserve.

Wanda Audette

Lund’s director of adoption


Brick Church still used for worship

Regarding the Observer’s Nov. 21 front page story, “CVU athlete spurs unprecedented support for Brick Church concert,” I’m not a music buff, but give me the opportunity to sing a Christian song to the glory of the Lord and I’m in heaven.

My point: the first sentence of the article says, “The Old Brick Church … is no longer a place of worship.”

Not so: every Sunday morning, since 1981, excepting when the building was being repaired for lightening (fire) damage, our fellowship has been worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ, mainly in the basement area of the building, being that we are less than 50 in number. We have, at times, used the main floor, also.

Our moniker: Christian Faith Assembly (CFA). Our pastor: John Fresia – 802-893-0049. Mail address: PO Box 400, Williston, VT 05495.

We invite you to come and check us out any Sunday at 10 a.m. For more information, please visit

Al Parsons