June 23, 2018

Letter to the Editor

Thank you for helping with Nosey

I am writing to share a positive experience and to thank numerous Willistonians. I moved to Williston last fall and shortly after the move, I received a lovebird from a friend.
This is a peach-faced lovebird, bright yellow with a bright peach mask which extends to the chest. He loves people and because he is intensely curious, we named him Nosey.
On June 8, Nosey got out through a hole he chewed in a window screen. We put out fliers, posted on Lost and Found Animals of Vermont and on Facebook, and since birds aren’t known for returning, prepared for the worst.
At about 7 p.m. on June 9, we had a call from Brennan Woods Park where Nosey had been for over an hour—he had landed on kids’ fingers and shoulders and been fed and photographed but had flown away. We immediately went to Brennan Woods Park. The families and friends of the Marauders double A baseball team were most interested and helpful—they had canvassed the immediate neighborhood to see if anyone had lost a bird. Someone got on Facebook and found the ad with picture, thus the call.
At about 8 p.m. Tuesday, we got another call, this time from the Edge, which had our bird. He had landed outside their building and was “pretty wiped” so one of the staff was able to pick him up. They brought him inside, gave him some water and confined him.
So a HUGE THANKS to all involved, either directly or behind the scenes.
After a couple of days of being clingy, eating and sleeping, Nosey is back to normal. Yesterday, he was perched on the window talking to his outside friends (finches and chickadees). I am not sure if he was talking about his adventures or planning his next escape!

— Joe Bosowski
Rhoda Spaulding

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