May 24, 2018

Letter to the Editor

Exit 12 needs an immediate fix

August 1, 2013

FINALLY!! Someone is paying attention to the pedestrian hazards at exit 12, I-89 and 2A (“Safety, traffic and ‘voids’ on Williston’s roads, July 18). I have been trying since 2005 to get some action.

The situation as I see it:

There is no sidewalk on the southbound side of the overpass. There is a “sidewalk” on the northbound side, however, with no crosswalks, no crossing signals, no lights to guide night passage, and a general lack of maintenance. It is not a usable roadway feature. Besides, businesses that people are accessing are primarily on the east side of 2A—the Marriott Hotel, the businesses on Hurricane Lane. From Clark’s Sunoco, one would have to cross 2A twice to use that “sidewalk.”

So, the easy temporary fix would be to cut and/or remove the weeds under the southbound side of the freeway overpass. Sides by the on and off ramps are mowed why not mow underneath; aren’t those weeds also a fire risk? Remove the weeds then put some of the rocks and gravel used to fix the drainage on 2A in the mud holes beneath the overpass and, voila, you have a safe walkable place. I have walked this when the mess under there was not quite so bad and if I were a little younger I would have at least cut the weeds myself.

People take that risky walk, on the road, as close to the guard rail as they can, but definitely ON THE ROAD every day. It would take like an hour and the state could probably get volunteers to help cut the weeds. The main thing is stopping traffic for the few minutes it would take to dump some rocks into the mud. This is an easy, inexpensive fix. Why can’t the state or Williston just do it?

Donna Fellinger


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