April 2, 2015

Last game for CVU field hockey


The Champlain Valley Union High School field hockey team is headed to Burlington for its final regular season game Thursday afternoon.

Burlington edged out the 6-5-2 Redhawks 1-0 in the teams’ last match, a close overtime game.

Last Thursday, CVU beat the Mount Mansfield Union Cougars 2-1, making up a rained out Oct. 3 game.

The next day, though, the Redhawks took a tough loss at Essex High School. The Hornets defeated the Redhawks 3-0.

On Monday, the Redhawks played Middlebury at home, tying 1-1.

—Stephanie Choate,
Observer staff


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    I laughed out loud when i read that. Who thinks that members of Congress don’t have a political stake in perpetuating a hoax? There is nothing that generates more votes (or money) than a good ole fashion scare tactic!

    Thanks Sean .. it is funny :-)

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