May 24, 2018

Kids share their ideas for a new holiday

What is your idea for a new holiday? Describe the traditions, food, etc.


National Hibernation Week

Bethany Merchant

Grade 8

I think that there should be a new holiday called National Hibernation Week. It would begin around the first week of December every year. The week would start off with two days of just purely eating as much as you can to prepare for the next five days of sleeping.


Teenage Dystopian Novel Day

Celia Cote

Grade 5

This day would celebrate TDNs (teenage dystopian novels). You would eat food from your favorite TDN, such as Dauntless cake from Divergent, or lamb stew, from the Hunger Games. It would be an official bank holiday, so there would be no school or work. That’s Teenage Dystopian Novel Day.


Kids Day

Aria-Lynn Hilliker

Grade 4

Kids day. No school for a week. Do whatever the kids want. Food is ice cream most of the time.


You Day        

Jessica Klein

Grade 5

If I got the chance to make a new holiday, I would name it “You Day.” “You Day” would be all about you. It would make you appreciate all the things that you do. You would wear what you like to wear and eat what you love to eat.


After the Super Bowl

Eric Lackey

Grade 6

The new holiday I would want is the day after the Super Bowl. This is because people are tired because they stayed up late to watch the Super Bowl. I think this would be a good holiday because you need to sleep in and get rest because you are tired from staying up late to watch the game.


Half year birthday

Reagan Dufresne

Grade 6

I would create a holiday that is for half year birthdays. It would be just like a birthday but instead of turning a whole number you would turn a number and a half. For example, on my half year birthday, I would be 11½ instead of 11. The food served would be everything in halves like half sandwiches and half cookies. Drinks would be half drinks, so instead of having a full cup of water it would be a half cup of water. If I could create a holiday it would be for half birthdays.



Cassidy Frost

Grade 6

My made-up holiday is Singalong. Singalong is a holiday that is on January 13 & 14. On Singalong you would have to sing everything you would like to say. People would dress up and have parties. They would feast on yummy foods. At night there would be ceremonies with concerts.


Rhyme Day

Colin Kendrick

Grade 6

If I made a holiday, it would be rhyme day. It is on August, the 16th. Everyone plays a game called rhyme game. They say a sentence with a rhyme or they lose. Parents buy one toy and hide it. At night, the parents write on a piece of paper a riddle with a rhyme. For an example,  If you eat a burger. And you are in a camp. You need this to cook to be a good champ. (mini grill). The answer of the riddle must be where the parents hide the gift. Here are the symbols. The sun is running and the moon has a spoon.


Animal Day

CJ McDevitt

Grade 6

If I could make a holiday it would be called animal day. Everyone would dress up as their favorite animal and eat what their favorite animal eats. So I would dress up as a panda and eat bamboo. The holiday would help you recognize what your favorite animals life is like. Also you would do what your animal does all day. So I would sleep and eat all day because that’s what pandas do. And that is what you would do on animal day!


Silent day

Tony Nguyen

Grade 6

If there was a new holiday I would want it to be something quiet. A silent day; A day where people can relax. Where everything is quiet. People who live in forests or in towns would celebrate it. It can’t be celebrated in the city because there are too many cars. It would be celebrated on the summer solstice of every year. It would be a hot day where birds chirp and wind blows through the leaves of trees.


Hallowmasgiving (hallow-mis-giving)

By Riley Clos
My idea for a Holiday is called: Hallowmasgiving! It is where you go trick-or-treating and then you get home and there are presents all over. Then you have a feast and the main meal is steak! But for vegetarians, the main meal is lasagna (meat free).


Dog Day

by Julia Kenney

Grade 3

I think it would be cool if there was a holiday called Dog Day. Just dogs outside having fun. No school. Dogs with their owners with maybe other dogs. People don’t need to do this but maybe it would be fun. People who don’t have dog can do anything.


Food holiday

Chase Lehman

Grade 4

The food holiday where your parents can’t tell you what to eat or what to do.

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