May 20, 2018

Kids reflect on Williston’s 250th anniversary

What was Williston like 250 years ago? What will it be like 250 years from now?

250 years of difference

By Victoria Uliano

Williston Central School, Grade 8

2013: the current year. We always look at the present or the future. Not many look back. Think back 100 years. Now farther: go back 100 years more. Slow down, and go back 50 more years, stop. What year is this? Nothing is the same. There is no smoke. There are no screeching noises or yelling. All you hear is the chirping of birds, the leaves rustling and wind blowing across leaves and grass. 1763 is very different than 2013. There is more freedom, less worry. You look up to the sky and don’t see smoke, but green leaves of trees with sun shining through them. You see animals running across the branches and bits of blue sky leaking through. There are no obstructions or problems with the air like we have in 2013. Everything is peaceful, natural and beautiful. Why couldn’t we stay like this? Why did it change? It’s because that’s just what happens: Change.

Now go forward to the present day again. 2013. Feels different, right? Less calm, more shouting and anger. What if we were to go forward 200 more years? Lets go ahead 250 more years.

What do you see? Do you see less air pollution, more grass and no cars? Or do you see grey skies, clouded with pollution? Do you see crowded streets like New York? What about the buildings? Do you see energy-saving buildings? Or crumbling, unsafe buildings that threaten to fall on us? Maybe you only see buildings with no green spaces between. Who knows what will happen. Will we fix the problems we have now? Or will they just keep getting worse? What do you see when you go into the future? Is it beautiful? Or is it terrible?


Imagining 250 years

By Kaitlyn Kaplan

Williston Central School, Grade 8

Imagining 250 years ago is pretty hard for me to fathom. I can hardly imagine a world where everyone had black and white televisions and used payphones, much less a time where it was common to use your horse and buggy to ride off to the general store, and to walk to school every day, because no one could ride a bus that didn’t exist.

I imagine that Williston would have been much smaller. While the town boundaries may have been the same, I imagine that everyone would have lived much closer together, and much closer to town. When your major means of transportation were walking and riding a horse, no one would want to live too far away from places like school and stores. I look at the white one-room schoolhouse that is outside the place I learn today, and I can’t help but wonder if one day, a greater, larger learning facility will look down upon ours. Maybe I have a limited imagination, because it truly is hard for me to look at a world in 250 years from now. I couldn’t have imagined the creation of the iPad or even laptops, so it’s pretty insane.


Never going to change

By Katie Usher

Williston Central School, Grade 8

I have tried my hardest to imagine what this spot that I walk on every day looked like 250 years ago. I was unable. I can’t imagine what Williston will look like in 250 years. I don’t want anything to change about my home. I love every curve in the road and every item on the shelves. This place that I’ve called home for 14 years truly defines who I am. I am old school mixed with modern day. I’m not sure whether I see the town the same way as I see myself or growing up here has really turned me into the place that I love. I know every road and path like it’s my own house.


Changes in Williston

By Thomas Samuelson

Williston Central School, Grade 8

According to dinner table talks with my mother (who has lived in Vermont her whole life), Williston used to be a very rural place. I have also witnessed this by taking hikes in the woods behind my house and seeing numerous stone fences made by farmers to mark their territory. Since it was a quite rural place, there were probably a lot more forests than than now because of a gigantic population increase. To make room for houses a lot of the forests were cut down.

On another note, I believe that in the future Williston will become more populated and get even more big box stores. This will increase the size of the small “city” we have in the center of Williston. I strongly believe that this can happen because of the increase in big stores we have seen today. We have increased our big box stores by getting stores like Panera Bread, CVS pharmacy and possibly a Target. I think that in the future Williston will have an increase in the amount of big stores and become more commercialized.


If you could have 250 of anything, what would it be?

250 giraffes

By Tegan Ross

Williston Central School, Grade 6

If I could have 250 of anything, it would be 250 giraffes. I think it would be fun to have 250 giraffes because they are so big and I could ride them and show them off. I could ride them by training one or more to be ridden by me and my friends. It would be hard to have all these giraffes because I’d have to leave Williston. It’s too cold for giraffes here. It would just be hard for the giraffes to live in Williston because of the winters. I’d have to move to Africa so the giraffes wouldn’t die. Having 250 giraffes may not be fun for others but I think it would be for me.


250 ATVs

By Selena Tyler

Williston Central School, Grade 8

If I could have 250 of anything I would have 250 ATVs. Having 250 ATVs would be really fun. It would be good to have extra ATVs because when I have my friends over they have something to ride. When my friends come over, we can all ride at the same time. It’s good for everyone to have their own four wheeler to ride because it’s more fun. With 250 four wheelers, if I run out of gas on one four wheeler I can just switch to the one of the other four wheelers and keep riding. I would always be having fun even if a couple of my four wheelers ran out of gas because I have a lot more four wheelers to ride. I wouldn’t need to buy any more ATVs because I would already have a lot of them to ride. I would always be active and out on the four wheelers somewhere in the fields at my house. I would love to have 250 of them because I love four wheelers.


250 hockey jerseys

By Alex Hiltner

Williston Central School, Grade 4

If I wanted 250 of anything, it would 250 hockey jerseys. The types of hockey jerseys I would like are the Boston Bruins hockey jersey and the Washington Capitals jersey. I could wear my hockey jerseys every day. If I had 250 hockey jerseys, people would notice what teams I like to root for. I would like 250 hockey jerseys because I want people to notice my favorite teams in the National Hockey League and it would be easier for me to pick out an outfit every morning.


250 mansions

By Daniel Hibbeler

Williston Central School, Grade 5

My life would be so much better if I had 250 mansions. I would be happier because I would have a lot of room for more furniture. Think of how many people I could host for a blowout party. Having to keep up with 250 properties would be a lot of work. I’d also want 250 mansions because I’d have a lot of storage space. I could rent them out to different people and make extra money to help maintain the properties. With 250 mansions I’d be the happiest boy alive and I’d have lots of places to go.


250 computers

Corey A. Gaudette

Williston Central School, Grade 8

If I could have 250 computers I would be one of the happiest kids.  I would be happy because I would not have to worry about breaking one. If I broke a computer or if one got a bug or virus, I would just use another one until I fixed the broken one. With 250 computers, I’d definitely have to get more security. I’d need the security because everyone I know would want one.  I would look so smart with 250 computers!


250 horses

By Zanna Branicki

Williston Central School, Grade 6

If I could have 250 of ANYTHING in the world, what would I have?

Two hundred fifty horses.

I would have 250 horses because I love horses. I have two already. But I would love more. They are the sweetest creatures on earth. They are the best friends you never had. They listen to anything you want to talk about. They don’t judge you for making mistakes, or by what you look like. Or even maybe what you act like, unlike today’s society. You can have the best sister, friend, or therapist just by having a horse. They can be the greatest friends you could EVER have. You would also have the greatest time riding them. This is why I would have 250 horses.


250 animals

By Emma Strack 

Williston Central School, Grade 5

I got a call from the radio. Could I have won the 250 contest? I picked up the phone. I said “hello?” nervously. The caller said “Congratulations! You won the 250 contest!” I screamed with delight! “You won 250 animals!!!” I screamed again! Two hundred fifty animals!? Why, that was a lot!!! That night I went to sleep with great dreams in my head. DING DONG! That was the doorbell. I opened the door. “Hi! Are you the winner of the 250 radio contest asked the person on the front porch?” “Yes.” I said. “I’m the host of the 250 radio contest, Larry Duty.” He said. “Hi, nice to meet you,” I said. “Here are your 250 animals. You have horses, dogs, cats, dolphins, puppies and kittens.” Well goodbye. Have a nice day.


250 smiles

By Mykala O’Farrell 

Williston Central School, Grade 5

If I could have 250 things…I would choose smiles! Yes, that is right, 250 smiles. They would all be big happy smiles! I would use all those smiles to make everyone smile. Even if it is just 250 smiles, there would be enough. I would share my smiles with everyone! But those smiles would be special. Every time you frowned your smile would just get bigger! That means no more frowning. But sometimes, if you had to, you could frown… but frowning just makes you feel sadder. Smiles make everyone feel better! That is why I would choose 250 smiles! Smiling is what everyone needs to make life a happy song!


250 things

By Taylor Hoar

Williston Central School, Grade 5

If I could have 250 of everything what would it be…

I think that I would want 250 GO WILLISTON signs. Because I have lived in Williston for all of my 10 years and I will always love this town. It has brought so much fun to my life.

I think another thing I would want 250 of would probably be 250 hearts because there are about that many people in Vermont who just don’t care about anything.

I think that I would also like to have 250 books. I just adore books I love them so very much. In fact, I am reading a great book right now. I also know my LA teacher (Ms. Peterson) would be proud of me for wanting this many books.

For my last thing, I would want 250 solar panels so we (Williston) can save a lot more energy and make Williston so much more energy efficient!


250 keys

Bia Mele

Williston Central School, Grade 6

If I could have 250 of anything, I’d love to have 250 different keys. Why, you might ask? Because I could travel the world and try to find the locks that they belong to.  The downside would be that the traveling could cost me a lot of money.  I could also weld my keys together and become a famous artist. Two hundred fifty different keys might seem random to some people, but I think it would be the coolest gift ever!


250 dollars

By Alfred Wathugi

Williston Central School, Grade 6

If I had 250 $1 bills, I would get something for my mother and me. She is always saying a lot of things like “I need an iPod or something that can make music.” I would like to get something that is really nice for my mom and me. And I hope that I have some money left. I would like to get something else that is a treat for my family and me like gum or candy. I would like to get something for my family and me that they would like. There is something that I would like to get that is really fun  —a video game. If I have $20 left, I would like to give my dad that money!


250 cinnamon rolls

By Liam Dillon 

Williston Central School, Grade 6

If I could have 250 of anything I would want cinnamon rolls! I would want these because I love them. I would build a house out of them or maybe eat them. I might sell them so I could get money. I guess what I really would like to do with them would be to eat them. Cinnamon rolls are so good!


250 of me

By Alyssa Downs

Williston Central School, Grade 6

If I had 250 things, I would have 250 of me! The reason I would have 250 of me is because then I could be in 250 places at once. I could be at my dad’s work and I could be at home. I would love to have more than one me. One at home, one at the grocery store and one at school. I could get my chores done and all of my homework. Each one of me could do a question on my homework. I would have all of me clean the whole house. They would sweep and mop and scrub. They would also vacuum and clean the windows. I would have so much fun. That is what I would have 250 of…me!

250 Things

By Ryan Messick

Williston Central School, Grade 6

If I could have 250 of anything I would have 250 one hundred dollar bills. Then I could buy almost anything thing I wanted. I would start with a brand new mountain bike with disk breaks. Then I would buy a brand new skateboard and a brand new ATV. I might pick out a brand new snowmobile or maybe a brand new pool or a  new hot tub with bubble jets. But something I could not buy is a house.  Something else I could not buy is a car. 250 one hundred dollar bills would make my day!

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