April 25, 2017

JV girls complete 17-3 hoops season (3/25/10)

March 25, 2010

The future looks bright for the Champlain Valley Union High girls basketball program given the records this past season for the two sub varsity teams.

Coach Jeff Evans led the junior varsity combine of 10 sophomores and one freshman to a 17-3 mark. Evans also noted that the junior varsity B team under Katie Kuntz had “only one or two losses.”

Evans said the strength of his team was its defense, which he called “consistent,” and depth.

Leading scorers over the campaign were three sophomores: Kathleen Leach, Sofia Lozon and, on the inside, Caroline Limanek.

Leach was the team’s leading three-point bomber.

Sophomore Emma Chicione stood out as a leading defender while freshman Alex Krupp was credited with being a solid role player.

Looking ahead to the coming winter, Evans predicted there will be a lot of competition for varsity and junior varsity slots once tryouts begin in November.


— Mal Boright, Observer correspondent



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