January 21, 2019

I wish I had the superpower of…


By Grant Schroeder

Grade 7

If I had to choose a superpower, it would be superspeed. I would choose superspeed because I think it would be extremely fun to run extremely fast. Maybe I would would be the best soccer player in the world someday with that kind of speed. Also it would take like 2 seconds to do my homework. In addition to that I would never be late for anything again. This would also help me in school. I would be able to think and write super fast so I could finish a test super quickly. Plus I would be able to eat faster. Eating at superspeed would give myself more time for activities. But on top of all of that, the best thing about this power is, maybe I wouldn’t be so short because I would grow at superspeed too.

Creating things with my mind

By Nate Frazee

Grade 7

Superpowers, most people don’t give a lot of thought on that. “Flying” and “invisibility” are often common, simple answers. People say this thinking it would be cool, which it would. I’m a different case though. I would accept any power, but if I got a choice, it would be something more complicated. The power I would want to have may be one you heard of, but mine would be on a different level. It’s taking a power into deeper and different ways. I would want the power of creating anything with my mind. I know, sounds simple, but my way of doing this evens out the playing field for being fair. Given the privilege and honor of powers, I would at least want to show that I appreciate them and make my powers into something a little harder to use. My way of creating anything with my mind is to access a different part of my brain. This part of my brain I would have to concentrate and find. It would be a part of me but would take time and practice to start being able to use regularly. In this second brain I could imagine the thing I would want to make, with attention and detail, then almost give it a push out of that brain. That is when the object would start to form in front of me. Remember, this is just when I first get my powers, it seems very hard but it will take time, effort, and practice. Once I have it down I could easily access my second brain, imagine the item in my head, and make the item appear in only a second. Using my power I could help people. Bring food to the starving, build houses for the homeless, banish guns to stop wars. I could save animals from poachers, I could make cures for diseases, and I could capture criminals. I could do a lot of things to help the world, and I could do it with different powers. The beauty of this power is that I could give myself any other power. I just have to imagine a drink that would give me the power I want when I drink it. Flying, invisibility, or any other power. I could use these new powers to also help the world. But let’s admit it, who wouldn’t just want to take a joyride out flying?

100% brain power

By Sawyer Falkenbush

Grade 7

If I had a superpower, it would be the ability to use 100% of my brain. I would be so smart that I could see the past and future for thousands of years. So smart that I could make potions that would give me any super power I wanted. I would look completely normal, but inside I would be using 100% of my brain. I would not just happen to be there when someone is about to trip or spill the screeching hot coffee on someone. I would know it was going to happen just by glancing at that person. I also would be able to invent teleportation devices. This power would make me feel different for sure. I would definitely have a weight on my shoulder because now that I can do amazing things like that I need to use them for good. Not just for selfish things like money. The one things is that I wouldn’t really want to be a superhero that flies around with a cape and has thousands of fans. No, I would want to be a regular person who does undercover things that no one needs to watch. Maybe I would do things that might be a little bit unfair, but it would always be for my family or someone important. For example, I would tell someone that something is going to happen to them in the upcoming future but only to important people.


By Sloane Roy

Grade 7

If I could have any superpower I would definitely want the power to fly. If I could fly it would be so easy for me to get from one place to another. If there is traffic and I’m late for something then I can just fly over it and I’ll get there on time. And I would be so good at sort! If i’m playing basketball I could dunk and fly over everybody. If I was going to play football I could take the ball and fly to the end zone and I would be MVP because I would score so many points.

Another super power I would want would be the power to shapeshift because then I would be able to turn into a bird and fly. Plus I could also turn into different animals. Like lets say I lost something in a small space, I could turn into a small animals like an ant and then bring the thing I lost out of the small space. Since ants are really strong I could lift it out really easily. But, if I could shapeshift I wouldn’t be able to play sports with all the powers like I could when I could fly. So, I think I would prefer the power to fly.

Changing into animals

By Evelyn Kimball

Grade 3

If I had a superpower it would be to turn into different types of animals.

If I could turn into a cheetah it would be for running away from someone if they are chasing me. I wouldn’t want them to catch me so I could just turn into a cheetah and run away from them.

If I could turn into any animal when my friends and I are playing games and pretending to be animals we could just turn into that animal! That would be much more realistic when in that game and it would be more fun.

If I could turn into a dolphin when I was going swimming, it would be fun to jump out of the water and then dive back in.

If you could turn into a bird you could fly places. If you wanted to go see someone and you were in a hurry, then you could fly to the person’s house. Then when you get there you could turn back into a human. You could ride with them to a party or somewhere else. The reason that you flew to your friends’ house is because you knew that you would be late to the party if you took a car! That’s because of all the traffic. My superpower would be to turn into different types of birds, or just one type of bird.

Nitrogen power

Jude Davis

Grade 3

If I could have a super power I would really like to shoot nitrogen out of my hands. I’m not talking about making forest fires or burning down houses obviously, but when nitrogen mixes with carbon dioxide then it produces fire. It is probably something to do with when it is transmitting vast amounts of hydrogen into helium. The carbon dioxide atoms probably are involved. I just want that power for let’s say entertainment. Maybe lighting campfires, or burning marshmallows. Plus it seems a little fun.

Super speed

John Saladino

Grade 3

If I could have any superpower in the world it would be to have super speed like the Flash. Here’s why. First, you would of course, be super fast,(the fastest person in the world)and also you could throw lightning bolts because you could move so fast you create a super statticky lightning bolt.And you can move so fast you can climb buildings,go through time, move your hands so fast your hand could pretty much go through anything,(even a human)and you could move from two spots to another so quick, you could make a clone version of you! Plus,you could go wherever you want and come back! You could win any race and literally do whatever you want whenever you want.

That’s what my superpower would be.


By Amelia Roy

Grade 2

If I had a super power it would be flying because I could go to Jupiter and Saturn and I could look at the constalations up close and see if I can fina a new constellation. And I could look at the Milky Way. That’s why I would like to fly.

To fly

By Navey Conforti

Grade 2

If I had a superpower, it would be to fly. One reason is I could get to far away places quicker. Another reason is I would win first place in races. A third reason is in gym when we’re playing tag and someone tries to tag me I will just fly up in the air.

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