May 31, 2020

How Can a Grandparent be Fun?

Claire Rocheleau-9th grade-pen on paper-Lennon

Claire Rocheleau-9th grade-pen on paper-Lennon

Aydan Croft

Grade 4

I used to think that my grandparents were just fun people because they give out cookies. But, I have learned that my grandparents can be fun and a good teacher. The secret is, that the time grandparents spend with grandchildren is powerful and important. My grandfather is a good teacher for me is because he taught me to play golf, he made me a better goalie, and most of all, he taught me to appreciate sports.

One reason my grandfather is a good teacher for me is because he teaches me to play golf. For example, my family and I went to a golf course, in St. Albans. When we were golfing my grandfather taught me two things, the foot position, and how to hit the ball. My grandfather came around behind me and used his feet to scoot my feet in the right direction, And he grabbed my wrist and practiced hitting with me about four times.

Another reason my grandfather is my greatest teacher is because he taught me how to play hockey, for example, he helped me be a better goalie in hockey. We practiced at the indoor ice rink at Sheldon. To explain more, my grandfather tells me to always stay low on the ice so it’s easier to block puck. He is always cheering me on in a game! Although my grandfather is my best teacher because he teaches me to play golf and because he helps me be a better goalie.

My grandfather is especially a powerful teacher because he showed me how to appreciate sports. He says β€œIt is important to appreciate sports.” He usually plays golf at a golf place, He is 65. He once told me that sports keeps people healthy, if you include Water and Fs & Vs, witch I soon found out that that means Fruits & Vegetables.

In conclusion, I hope you are thinking grandparents can be good teachers, if not, then go spend some good quality time with your grandparents!