October 28, 2016

House of Pizza opens in Williston

Khanh Ly gets the new Williston House of Pizza ready.

Khanh Ly gets the new Williston House of Pizza ready.

Observer staff report

Since he was 11 years old, Spiros Tsimis has worked in the restaurant business. He began under the tutelage of his Greek father at the family’s restaurant in Haverhill, Mass. and has since been the owner/co-owner of pizza restaurants in both Massachusetts and Vermont.

Most recently, the opportunity to open a restaurant in Williston presented itself—and Williston House of Pizza was born, located in the spot formerly occupied by Rocky’s Pizza.

“I saw an opportunity based on the location and size (of the restaurant) that would allow me to offer more on the menu,” he said on Tuesday afternoon during a short break in preparations for a soft opening this week. He also cited the availability of outdoor seating and the ability to make the business family-oriented as further incentives to make the move to Williston.

The married father of four made a further commitment to the local community by partnering in the business with Khanh Ly, who grew up in Williston and attended Williston Central School and CVU high school. The ambitious 24-year-old will cook and co-manage alongside Tsimis. “The community gave to me and now I want to give back to the community,” Ly said.

The duo is committed to offering “family-friendly” pricing, citing the cost of their Greek-style pizza as an example. A 10-inch cheese pizza costs $7.75 and a 16-inch costs $12.50. Tsimis explained that Greek style pizza refers to the thickness of the crust—thinner than Chicago style, but thicker than New York style.

The menu will feature a variety of pizza specialties (gluten free and vegan pizza included), plus salads, subs, Philly Cheese Steak, hot and cold wraps, cheeseburgers, fries and pasta dishes. In “the near future,” they will also offer creemees, beer and wine and delivery service.

Tsimis was happy to point out that the restaurant’s recent inspection by the Vermont Department of Health garnered an almost-perfect score of 98. “I’m obsessed with cleanliness,” he said as he got back to work.

Williston House of Pizza is located on Cornerstone Drive in Williston.


  1. Mary Martin says:

    I would like to explain the charges of unlawful restraint because it sounds really awful. No we didn’t hold anyone hostage. We were simply standing in front of some VT Gas/Michel’s trucks. They were in no way restrained. When the men decided to leave, they simply backed up and took off. The police have been hired by VT Gas and they sure do have a way of turning a phrase.

    Mr. Recchia refers to this action as a “last-ditch” attempt to scuttle the pipeline. Wrong again! This was far from our last attempt to bring sanity and reason to our state officials who refuse to listen or help.

    Nate Palmer and Kari Cuneo and their families are not the only land owners who have fought this immoral taking of their land. So many folks have lost that fight for lack of time and money. It’s quite intimidating to go before the Public Service Board and their team of lawyers, to sit down at a table filled with VT Gas attorneys and not have anyone to watch your back and advise you.

    When people are up against the wall, they fight back any way they can. Peaceful protests not only express our frustration but they help bring attention to what is happening to our friends and neighbors..

    So Mr. Recchia, we are not done!

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