February 25, 2020

Hearing postponed on modular classrooms

Trailers may become affordable housing

Aug. 26, 2010

By Mariana Lamaison Sears
Observer correspondent

The entrance to Allen Brook School undergoes construction last week as the school takes its modular classrooms out of use.

A lack of quorum for Tuesday’s Development Review Board meeting has left the Williston School District awaiting an answer on its request to extend the permit for Allen Brook School’s modular classrooms. But a new hearing has already been scheduled for Sept. 14.

With the permit expiring Aug. 31, the school situation will fall into no man’s land, said Planning Director Ken Belliveau. Still, the school submitted the extension’s request on time and is not responsible for the cancellation of the meeting. It is not uncommon that board meetings get cancelled due to lack of quorum as people go on vacation, Belliveau said.

“It’s a volunteer board, we’re in the summer, it happens occasionally,” Belliveau said. “It’s life.”

Meanwhile, the school continues negotiations with the Addison County Community Trust for relocating the modular units and converting them to affordable housing, said Chittenden South Supervisory Union Chief Operations Officer Bob Mason.

“The fact that the DRB meeting has been postponed until September will have no impact on the start of school for students or on the School Board plans to finalize negotiations with the Addison County Community Trust,” he said. “As we speak, documents covering the transfer are being exchanged between parties and will likely be finalized in the next couple of weeks.”

If negotiations are successful, the school will then begin removing the units from the school ground. The units are now disconnected from the main building and maintenance personnel is working on final details to the school entrance so it will look as it was originally designed when students return to school next week after the summer break.

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